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An Exploratory Study Comparing the Effectiveness of Lecturing versus Team-based Learning

Lecturing has been criticized for fostering a passive learning environment, emphasizing a one-way flow of information, and not adequately engaging students. In contrast, active-learning approaches, such as team-based learning (TBL), prioritize student interaction and engagement and create multidirectional flows of information. This paper presents an exploratory analysis of whether lecturing or TBL was better for teaching content; developing skills, such as critical thinking; and creating an enjoyable learning environment in a sociology course. Results showed few differences in these outcomes between groups taught with the two different methods, although TBL students thought they improved their oral communication and creative thinking skills more than the lecture students, and they reported getting to know their professor and classmates more than did the lecture students.


Huggins, C. M., Stamatel, J. P.





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