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The following tables show the 10 articles that were downloaded the most from January 1-December 31, 2019, on each journal's publisher platform. 

American Sociological Review

City & Community

Contemporary Sociology


Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Journal of World-Systems Research

Social Psychology Quarterly

Society and Mental Health

Sociological Methodology

Sociological Theory

Sociology of Education

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


Teaching Sociology

American Sociological Review

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Heather McLaughlin, Christopher Uggen, Amy BlackstoneSexual Harassment, Workplace Authority, and the Paradox of PowerAugust 201221,354

Amy Adamczyk, Brittany E. Hayes

Religion and Sexual Behaviors: Understanding the Influence of Islamic Cultures and Religious Affiliation for Explaining Sex Outside of Marriage

October 2012


Lauren A. RiveraHiring as Cultural Matching The Case of Elite Professional Service FirmsDecember 201211,199
Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Paula England, Alison C. K. FogartyAccounting for Women’s Orgasm and Sexual Enjoyment in College Hookups and RelationshipsJune 201211,083

Natasha Quadlin

The Mark of a Woman's Record: Gender and Academic Performance in Hiring

April 2018


Katrin Auspurg, Thomas Hinz, Carsten Sauer

Why Should Women Get Less? Evidence on the Gender Pay Gap from Multifactorial Survey Experiments

February 2017


Joscha Legewie, Jeffrey FaganAggressive Policing and the Educational Performance of Minority YouthApril 20198,888
Ruth MilkmanA New Political Generation: Millennials and the Post-2008 Wave of ProtestFebruary 20178,387
Joscha Legewie, Thomas A. DiPreteSchool Context and the Gender Gap in Educational AchievementJune 20127,890
Oliver Hahl, Minjae Kim, Ezra W. Zuckerman SivanThe Authentic Appeal of the Lying Demagogue: Proclaiming the Deeper Truth about Political IllegitimacyFebruary 20187,257

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City & Community

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Richard FloridaCities and the Creative Class January 20034,850
Sharon Zukin, Valerie Trujillo, Peter Frase, Danielle Jackson, Tim Recuber, Abraham WalkerNew Retail Capital and Neighborhood Change: Boutiques and Gentrification in New York CityMarch 20092,457
Andrew V. Papachristos, Chris M. Smith, Mary L. Scherer, Meslissa A. Fugiero

More Coffee, Less Crime? The Relationship between Gentrification and Neighborhood Crime Rates in Chicago, 1991 to 2005

September 20112,294
Loretta Lees

Gentrification, Race, and Ethnicity: Towards a Global Research Agenda?

September 20161,829
Micere Keels, Julia Burdick-Will, Sara KeeneThe Effects of Gentrification on Neighborhood Public SchoolsSeptember 20131,755
Amin GhazianiCultural Archipelagos: New Directions in the Study of Sexuality and SpaceMarch 20191,452
Herbert J. GansSome Problems of and Futures for Urban Sociology: Toward a Sociology of SettlementsSeptember 20091,440
Kevin LoughranParks for Profit: The High Line, Growth Machines, and the Uneven Development of Urban Public SpacesMarch 20141,384

Philip ME Garboden and Eva Rosen

Serial Filing: How Landlords Use the Threat of EvictionJune 20191,146
Gordon C.C. DouglasDo‐It‐Yourself Urban Design: The Social Practice of Informal “Improvement” Through Unauthorized AlterationSeptember 20131,077

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Contemporary Sociology

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Amir MarvastiSocial Problems, Social Issues, Social Science: The Society PapersJanuary 20183,408
Raewyn ConnellDecolonizing SociologyJuly 20182,637
Philip S. GorskiWhat is Critical Realism? And Why Should You Care?September 20131,772
Herbert J. GansSociology and Journalism: A Comparative AnalysisJanuary 20181,475
Arlie Russell HochschildThe Ecstatic Edge of Politics: Sociology and Donald TrumpNovember 20161,310
Katherine BeckettMass Incarceration and Its DiscontentsJanuary 20181,156
Monica PrasadProblem-Solving SociologyJuly 2018955
Keith N. Hampton, Barry WellmanLost and Saved . . . Again: The Moral Panic about the Loss of Community Takes Hold of Social MediaNovember 2018913
Elizabeth Popp Berman, Daniel HirschmanThe Sociology of Quantification: Where Are We Now?May 2018892
Stewart E. TolnayJim Crow's Legacy: The Lasting Impact of SegregationJanuary 2017848

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AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Kelly Stamper Balistreri, Grace Kao, Kara JoynerAsian American Men in Romantic Dating MarketsNovember 201829,174
Jessie DanielsThe Algorithmic Rise of the "Alt-Right"February 201817,717
Karen SternheimerDo Video Games Kill?February 200715,134
Nour Dados, Raewyn ConnellThe Global SouthFebruary 201213,593
Winifred BreinesStruggling to Connect: White and Black Feminism in the Movement YearsFebruary 200710,538
Robert J. SampsonRethinking Crime and ImmigrationFebruary 20087,915
Sasha Reid, Jooyoung LeeSerial Killers & Their Easy PreyMay 20186,705
Min ZhouAre Asian Americans Becoming "White?"February 20046,248
Louise SeamsterBlack Debt, White DebtFebruary 20196,136
Miliann Kang, Katherine JonesWhy do People get Tattoos?February 20076,045

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Journal of Health and Social Behavior

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Peter Conrad, Kristin K. BarkerThe Social Construction of Illness: Key Insights and Policy ImplicationsMarch 201013,366
Jo C. Phelan, Bruce G. Link, Parisa TehranifarSocial Conditions as Fundamental Causes of Health Inequalities: Theory, Evidence, and Policy ImplicationsMarch 20109,078
Dara ShifrerStigma of a Label Educational Expectations for High School Students Labeled with Learning DisabilitiesDecember 20137,483
Peggy A. ThoitsStress and Health: Major Findings and Policy ImplicationsMarch 20107,237
Peggy A. ThoitsMechanisms Linking Social Ties and Support to Physical and Mental HealthJune 20116,869
Debra Umberson, Jennifer Karas MontezSocial Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health PolicyMarch 20106,621
David R. Williams, Michelle SternthalUnderstanding Racial-ethnic Disparities in Health: Sociological ContributionsMarch 20103,187
Erin York Cornwell, Linda J. WaiteSocial Disconnectedness, Perceived Isolation, and Health among Older AdultsMarch 20092,920
Leonard I. Pearlin, Scott Schieman, Elena M. Fazio, Stephen C. MeersmanStress, Health, and the Life Course: Some Conceptual PerspectivesJune 20052,886
David R. WilliamsStress and the Mental Health of Populations of Color: Advancing Our Understanding of Race-related StressorsDecember 20182,626

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Journal of World-Systems Research

AuthorTitlePublication DateFull Text Views*
Márton DemeterThe World-Systemic Dynamics of Knowledge Production: The Distribution of Transnational Academic Capital in the Social SciencesMarch 2019665
Theo LeQuesneFrom Carbon Democracy to Carbon Rebellion: Countering Petro-Hegemony on the Frontlines of Climate JusticeMarch 2019654
Leslie C. Gates and Mehmet DenizPuzzling Politics: A Methodology for Turning World-Systems Analysis Inside-OutMarch 2019522
Caitlin SchroeringWater is a Human Right! Grassroots Resistance to Corporate PowerMarch 2019447
Omer AwassContending with Capitalism: Fatwas and Neoliberal IdeologyMarch 2019402
Barry Feldman and Mason Herson-HordBuilding Dual Power for a Symbiotic FutureMarch 2019395
John M. Shandra, Michael Restivo, and Jamie M. SommerDo China’s Environmental Gains at Home Fuel Forest Loss Abroad?: A Cross-National AnalysisMarch 2019386
Corey R. PayneWalter Scheidel. The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the 21st CenturyMarch 2019386
Thomas M. HannaReclaiming Democratic Control: The Role of Public Ownership in Resisting Corporate DominationMarch 2019347
Richard FlacksCorporate versus Community Power: A Santa Barbara StoryMarch 2019343
Md Belal HossainDust Bowls of Empire: Imperialism, Environmental Politics, and the Injustice of ‘Green’ CapitalismMarch 2019343
Ben Manski and Jackie SmithIntroduction: The Dynamics and Terrains of Local Democracy and Corporate Power in the 21st CenturyMarch 2019337

*Most downloaded numbers are unavailable for JWSR.


Social Psychology Quarterly

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura T. Hamilton, Elizabeth M. Armstrong, J. Lotus Seeley“Good Girls”: Gender, Social Class, and Slut Discourse on CampusJune 20142,143
Beate Volker, Bram Lancee, Marina TulinPersonality and Social CapitalDecember 20182,020
Diederik A. Stapel, Siegwart Lindenberg, Janneke F. JolyThe Norm-Activating Power of Celebrity: The Dynamics of Success and InfluenceMarch 20112,017
Jenny L. Davis, Tony P. Love, Phoenicia FaresCollective Social Identity: Synthesizing Identity Theory and Social Identity Theory Using Digital DataSeptember 20191,292
Jane SellDefinitions and the Development of Theory in Social PsychologyMarch 20181,270
Peggy A. ThoitsResisting the Stigma of Mental IllnessMarch 20111,265
David S. PedullaThe Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes Race, Sexual Orientation, and the Job Application ProcessMarch 20141,229
Alice GoffmanGo to More Parties? Social Occasions as Home to Unexpected Turning Points in Life TrajectoriesMarch 20191,206
Augustine Brannigan, Henderikus Stam, Gina Perry, Richard A. WannerCredibility and Incredulity in Milgram's Obedience Experiments: A Reanalysis of an Unpublished TestAugust 20191,135
Geoffrey T. WodtkeThe Effects of Education on Beliefs about Racial InequalityDecember 20181,098

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Society and Mental Health

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Melissa Osborne, Seth Abrutyn, Anna S. MuellerRekeying Cultural Scripts for Youth Suicide: How Social Networks Facilitate Suicide Diffusion and Suicide Clusters Following Exposure to SuicideMarch 20191,828
Alice P. Villatoro, Vickie M. Mays, Ninez A. Ponce, Carol S. AneshenselPerceived Need for Mental Health Care: The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Socioecomomic StatusMarch 20181,646
Jody Clay-Warner, Timothy G. EdgemonInmate Mental Health and the Pains of ImprisonmentMarch 20191,486
David M. Frost, Monique BothaExtending the Minority Stress Model to Understand Mental Health Problems Experienced by the Autistic PopulationOctober 20181,126
Allan V. HorwitzCreating an Age of Depression The Social Construction and Consequences of the Major Depression DiagnosisMarch 20111,024
Lisa Strohschein, Anne. H. GauthierPoverty Dynamics, Parenting, and Child Mental Health in CanadaNovember 2018945
Jo C. Phelan, Jeffrey W. LucasInfluence and Social Distance Consequences across Categories of Race and Mental IllnessJuly 2019684
Seth Abrutyn, Anna S. MuellerWhen Too Much Integration and Regulation Hurts: Reenvisioning Durkheim's Altruistic SuicideMarch 2016668
Carol S. Aneshensel, William R. AvisonThe Stress Process: An Appreciation of Leonard I. PearlinJuly 2015662
Samuel L. PerryPornography Use and Depressive Symptoms: Examining the Role of Moral IncongruenceNovember 2018658

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Sociological Methodology

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Susanne VoglTelephone Versus Face-to-Face Interviews Mode Effect on Semistructured Interviews with ChildrenAugust 20131,477
Kristian Bernt Karlson, Anders Holm, Richard BreenComparing Regression Coefficients Between Same-sample Nested Models Using Logit and Probit A New MethodAugust 20121,322
Douglas D. HeckathornComment: Snowball versus Respondent-Driven SamplingAugust 20111,297
Nynke M. D. Niezink, Marijtje A. J. van Duijn, Tom A. B. SnijdersNo Longer Discrete: Modeling the Dynamics of Social Networks and Continuous BehaviorAugust 20191,106
John Muñoz, Cristobal YoungWe Ran 9 Billion Regressions: Eliminating False Positives through Computational Model RobustnessAugust 20181,041
Krista J. Gile, Mark S. HandcockComment: On the Concept of Snowball SamplingAugust 2011879
J. Scott Long, Trenton D. Mize, Long DoanA General Framework for Comparing Predictions and Marginal Effects across ModelsAugust 2019704
Mattias Studer, Emanuaela Struffolino, Anette E. FasangEstimating the Relationship between Time-varying Covariates and Trajectories: The Sequence Analysis Multistate Model ProcedureAugust 2018660
Jan Goldenstein, Philipp PoschmannAnalyzing Meaning in Big Data: Performing a Map Analysis Using Grammatical Parsing and Topic ModelingAugust 2019642
Yu Xie, Jennie E. Brand, Ben JannEstimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Observational DataAugust 2012622

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Sociological Theory

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Stefan Timmermans, Iddo TavoryTheory Construction in Qualitative Research From Grounded Theory to Abductive AnalysisSeptember 20124,729
Kieran HealyFuck NuanceJune 20174,653
Justin Van Ness, Michael Lee Wood, Dustin S. Stoltz, Marshall A. TaylorSchemas and FramesSeptember 20182,015
Hae Yeon Choo, Myra Marx FerreePracticing Intersectionality in Sociological Research: A Critical Analysis of Inclusions, Interactions, and Institutions in the Study of InequalitiesJune 20101,891
Anna S. Mueller, Seth AbrutynToward a Cultural-Structural Theory of Suicide: Examining Excessive Regulation and Its DiscontentsMarch 20181,726
Joshua WakehamBullshit as a Problem of Social EpistemologyMarch 20171,695
Dustin S. Stoltz, Justin Van Ness, Michael Wood, Omar Lizardo, Marshall A. Taylor, Robert Mowry, Brandon SepulvadoWhat Are Dual Process Models? Implications for Cultural Analysis in SociologyDecember 20161,492
Charles TillyTerror, Terrorism, TerroristsMarch 20041,423
Gabriel AbendThe Meaning of 'Theory'June 20081,415
Terence E. McDonnell, Christopher A. Bail, Iddo TavoryA Theory of ResonanceMarch 20171,325

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Sociology of Education

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Jason N. HouleDisparities in Debt: Parents' Socioeconomic Resources and Young Adult Student Loan DebtJanuary 20146,708
Ann OwensIncome Segregation between School Districts and Inequality in Students' AchievementJanuary 20185,833
Patrick B. McGrady, John R. ReynoldsRacial Mismatch in the Classrooms: Beyond Black-white DifferencesJanuary 20132,684
Jason N. Houle, Cody Warner Into the Red and Back to the Nest? Student Debt, College Completion, and Returning to the Parental Home among Young AdultsJanuary 20172,384
Linda Hamilton, Josipa Roksa, Kelly NielsenProviding a "Leg Up": Parental Involvement and Opportunity Hoarding in CollegeApril 20182,204
Jeffrey GriggSchool Enrollment Changes and Student Achievement Growth: A Case Study in Educational Disruption and ContinuityOctober 20112,098
Zsófia Boda, Christoph Stadtfeld, Isabel J. RaabeThe Social Pipeline: How Friend Influence and Peer Exposure Widen the STEM Gender GapApril 20192,057
Anthony Abraham Jack(No) Harm in Asking: Class, Acquired Cultural Capital, and Academic Engagement at an Elite UniversityJanuary 20162,024
Andrea R. Abel, Amy J. BinderSymbolically Maintained Inequality: How Harvard and Stanford Students Construct Boundaries among Elite UniversitiesJanuary 20191,892
Francis A. Pearman, Walker A. SwainSchool Choice, Gentrification, and the Variable Significance of Racial Stratification in Urban NeighborhoodsJuly 20171,787

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Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Tanya Golash-Boza    A Critical and Comprehensive Sociological Theory of Race and RacismApril 20167,752
Evelyn Nakano GlennSettler Colonialism as Structure: A Framework for Comparative Studies of U.S. Race and Gender FormationJanuary 20152,926
Elijah Anderson“The White Space”January 20152,616
David L. Brunsma, David G. Embrick, Jean H. ShinGraduate Students of Color: Race, Racism, and Mentoring in the White Waters of AcademiaJanuary 20172,452
Ted ThornhillWe Want Black Students, Just Not You: How White Admissions Counselors Screen Black Prospective StudentsSeptember 20182,287
Monica M. Trieu, Hana C. LeeAsian Americans and Internalized Racial Oppression: Identified, Reproduced, and DismantledJanuary 20182,222
Amada ArmentaRacializing Crimmigration: Structural Racism, Colorblindness, and the Institutional Production of Immigrant CriminalityJanuary 20172,204
Eduardo Bonilla-SilvaMore than Prejudice: Restatement, Reflections, and New Directions in Critical Race TheoryJanuary 20151,928
Brandon A. Jackson, Steve Garner, Hephzibah V. Strmic-PawlRace Counts: Racial and Ethnic Data on the U.S. Census and the Implications for Tracking InequalityJanuary 20181,644
Joseph Gerteis, Paul R. CrollRace as an Open Field: Exploring Identity beyond Fixed ChoicesJanuary 20191,526

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AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Rachel Wetts, Robb WillerWho Is Called by the Dog Whistle? Experimental Evidence That Racial Resentment and Political Ideology Condition Responses to Racially Encoded MessagesAugust 201913,352
Peter Hart-BrinsonThe Social Imagination of Homosexuality and the Rise of Same-sex Marriage in the United StatesJanuary 201611,123
  Rebecca A. DiBennardoIdeal Victims and Monstrous Offenders: How the News Media Represent Sexual PredatorsOctober 201811,009
Amelia R. Branigan, Christopher Wildeman, Jeremy Freese, Catarina I. KiefeComplicating Colorism: Race, Skin Color, and the Likelihood of ArrestAugust 20178,890
Brent Simpson, Matthew Feinberg, Robb WillerDoes Violent Protest Backfire? Testing a Theory of Public Reactions to Activist ViolenceOctober 20188,605
Emily Kazyak, Kelsy Burke, Mathew StangeLogics of Freedom: Debating Religious Freedom Laws and Gay and Lesbian RightsFebruary 20187,415
Samuel L. Perry, Landon Schnabel, Andrew L. WhiteheadGun Control in the Crosshairs: Christian Nationalism and Opposition to Stricter Gun LawsJuly 20186,329
Richard AlbaWhat Majority-minority Society? A Critical Analysis of the Census Bureau's Projections of America's Demographic FutureAugust 20186,164
Philip N. Cohen, Joanna R. PepinUnequal Marriage Markets: Sex Ratios and First Marriage among Black and White WomenAugust 20185,854
Elaine Howard Ecklund, David R. Johnson, Christopher P. Scheitle, Kristin R. W. Matthews, Steven W. LewisReligion among Scientists in International Context: A New Study of Scientists in Eight RegionsSeptember 20165,785

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Teaching Sociology

AuthorTitlePublication DateNumber of Downloads
Josh PackardThe Impact of Racial Diversity in the Classroom: Activating the Sociological ImaginationApril 20133,522
Adam Driscoll, Karl Jicha, Andrea N. Hunt, Lisa Tichavsky, Gretchen ThompsonCan Online Courses Deliver In-class Results? A Comparison of Student Performance and Satisfaction in an Online versus a Face-to-face Introductory Sociology CourseOctober 20122,175
Adam M. MessingerTeaching Content Analysis through Harry PotterOctober 20121,728

Dragana Stojmenovska, Thomas Leopold, Thijs Bol

Teaching Replication to Graduate Students

October 20191,471

Hannah Wohl, Gary Alan Fine

The Active Skim: Efficient Reading as a Moral Challenge in Postgraduate Education

July 2017


David Purcell

Sociology, Teaching, and Reflective Practice: Using Writing to Improve

January 2013

Marisela Martinez-Cola, Rocco English, Jennifer Min, Jonathan Peraza, Jamesetta Tambah, Christina YebuahWhen Pedagogy is Painful: Teaching in Tumultuous TimesApril 20181,234
Renee A. MonsonDo They Have to Like It to Learn from It? Students' Experiences, Group Dynamics, and Learning Outcomes in Group Research ProjectsApril 20191,094
Shane Dixon, Linda QuirkeWhat's the Harm? The Coverage of Ethics and Harm Avoidance in Research Methods TextbooksJanuary 20181,076
Linda Ann TreiberMcJobs and Pieces of Flair Linking McDonaldization to Alienating WorkOctober 2013885

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