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Mission Statement 

Teaching Sociology publishes articles, conversations, notes, and reviews to advance the quality of sociology instruction and the scholarship of teaching and learning in the discipline. Articles provide ambitious explorations of pedagogies, curricula, and assessment. Conversations address ongoing debates or controversies related to teaching sociology. Notes focus on specific teaching techniques in keeping with the standards of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Reviews provide critical analyses of recent books, films, videos, and web resources.   

Editors: Michele Lee Kozimor, Elizabethtown College
ISSN: 0092-055X
Quarterly: January, April, July, October 

Selected Journal Articles

Teaching about Animals: Incorporating Nonhuman Animals into Sociology Classrooms Liz Grauerholz, Julianne Weinzimmer, Erin N. Kidder, and Nicole Owens Duffy, April 2020
Do Sociology Courses Make More Empathetic Students? A Mixed-Methods Study of Empathy Change in Undergraduates Ashley Rockwell, Chris M. Vidmar, Penny Harvey, and Leanna Greenwood, October 2019
When Pedagogy Is Painful: Teaching in Tumultuous Times Marisela Martinez-Cola, Rocco English, Jennifer Min, Jonathan Peraza, Jamesetta Tambah, and Christina Yebuah, April 2018

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