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Welcome to Socius, the open-access journal of the American Sociological Association. The goal of Socius is to make new research readily available by providing an online forum for the rapid dissemination of high-quality, peer-reviewed research, produced in time to be relevant to ongoing research and public debates. Read more from the opening editorial.


Mission Statement

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World aims to make new research readily available. It provides an online forum for the rapid dissemination of peer-reviewed empirical work, produced in time to be relevant to ongoing debates. Socius is a place to find fresh ideas, early discoveries, and open theoretical problems that can pose new challenges for social science. Committed to an efficient peer review process and open access, Socius’s online format ensures that all scientifically sound sociological research from any subfield can be published, without the volume constraints imposed by traditional print limits. Traditional manuscript styles are welcome, but we strongly encourage short papers and those providing interesting empirical findings that may spark innovation and future work.

Editors: Lisa Keister and James Moody, Duke University
ISSN: 2378-0231
Continuously Published


Selected Journal Articles

Comparing Theories of Resource Distribution: The Case of Iran Andrew K. Ledford and Scott M. Lynch, November 2019
The Network Structure of Police Misconduct George Wood, Daria Roithmayr, and Andrew V. Papachristos, October 2019
Women’s Assessments of Gender Equality Charles Kurzman, Willa Dong, Brandon Gorman, Karam Hwang, Renee Ryberg, and Batool Zaidi, September 2019
Are Robots Stealing Our Jobs? Eric Dahlin, May 2019
Do Green Behaviors Earn Social Status? Emily Huddart Kennedy and Christine Horne, April 2019
Educational Disparities in Adult Health: U.S. States as Institutional Actors on the Association Jennifer Karas Montez, Mark D. Hayward, and Anna Zajacova, March 2019
Biblical Literalism Influences Perceptions of History as a Scientific Discipline Kathleen C. Oberlin and Christopher P. Scheitle, February 2019

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