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Contexts is a quarterly magazine about society and social behavior. Published quarterly as the public face of sociology, it is directed to anyone interested in the latest sociological ideas and research. Contexts seeks to apply new knowledge, stimulate fresh thinking, and disseminate important information produced by the discipline. Articles synthesize key findings, weave together diverse strands of work, draw out implications for policy, and debate issues of controversy. The hallmarks of Contexts are accessibility, broad appeal, and timeliness. By design, it is not a technical journal, but a magazine for sociologists, social and behavioral scientists, and others who wish to be current about important developments in social research, social science knowledge, emerging trends, and their relevance.

Editors: Syed Ali, Long Island University, and Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland, College Park

Selected Journal Articles

Love Me Tinder, Love Me Sweet Jennifer Hickes Lundquist and Celeste Vaughan Curington, November 2019
Stability and Change in Americans’ Perception of Freedom Orlando Patterson and Ethan Fosse, July 2019
The Economics of Migration Jonathan Portes, June 2019

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