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ASA Permission Guidelines

ASA handles the majority of requests for reuse of its materials in house. Please use the guidelines below in making your request.

Teaching and research purposes. The ASA allows reproduction of its material for teaching and research purposes without permission and without fee. This policy allows instructors and educational institutions to photocopy isolated articles for non-profit classroom or library reserve. Although ASA holds the copyright to all material published in its journals, this policy allows uses such as:  

  • Reproduction for classroom use
  • Short-run research reports distributed without fee or at cost
  • Use in unpublished dissertations (if the dissertation is published at a later date, permission will be required from ASA at that time)
  • Electronic requests in this category must abide by the following conditions: online use is limited to a secure or password protected server for a maximum of one year; digital rights management (DRM) should be utilized to prevent unauthorized reproduction.

Permission from ASA is not required if the copyright has expired. Material published prior to 1964 is now in the public domain and may be used without permission. Material published on or after January 1, 1964, has a copyright term of 75 years, during which time the ASA must be contacted for permission to reprint.

Organizations compiling coursepacks which will be reproduced and distributed on behalf of instructors or academic institutions should send their request to The fee for for use in a coursepack is $3.00 per article per coursepack produced.

Short passages of 200 words or less are considered fair use and do not require permission.

Repositories and manuscript posting online. At its August 2011 meeting, the Committee on Publications reviewed and approved a proposal from the Joint Subcommittee on Electronic Publishing to update ASA's rules on manuscript eligibility regarding online posting of manuscripts before, during, and after publication. This policy applies to the manuscript submitted for publication, not to the final copyedited published article, which may be published online only by ASA or its publisher. This policy was clarified in 2018. More Information.

An author of ASA copyrighted material may use her/his own material without permission in any volume of which s/he is sole author or editor.

Online use is limited to a secure or password protected server for a maximum of one year; digital rights management (DRM) should be utilized to prevent unauthorized reproduction. Posting for longer than one year requires an additional request and payment of an additional fee.

City & Commuity. To request permission to use material from City & Community, contact:

Contexts. To request permission to use material from Contexts, contact

Volumes in the Rose Series in Sociology are subject to special terms and conditions that may differ from than those listed above and may be requested through the Copyright Clearance Center.

Other requests for copyright permission should be directed to the ASA Executive Office. Requestors may use the online form for their convenience or send an email with their request to The form includes complete procedures required to secure permission from ASA. Please allow 7-14 business days for your request to be processed.


If you need additional information, contact:

ASA Publications Department
American Sociological Association
1430 K Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 383-9005 x875
fax (202) 638-0882

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