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The Publications Committee is responsible for all proposals for the establishment of new publications or for major modifications in an existing publication of the Association, subject to the approval of the Council. The agenda for each Publications Committee meeting is posted online prior to that meeting as soon as it is available. In addition, a summary of discussions and actions taken will be posted following the meeting.

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Advertising and Mailing Lists

With nearly 13,000 members and counting, the American Sociological Association (ASA) offers advertisers a unique opportunity to advertise directly to their specific audience: practicing sociologists, researchers, faculty, and students. 

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Keyboard with a blue button that says "Submit Your Manuscript" in white letters.Publishing Options Searchable Database

ASA has launched the new Publishing Options database, exclusively available to members in the "My ASA" member portal. (Use your ASA user name and password to log in.) The database includes listings for more than 200 journals accepting manuscripts in sociology or closely-related fields (including 18 open-access journals). Members may search by journal title, specialty areas, types of manuscripts accepted, publisher, or open-access format.

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