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ASA’s 2018 Top 50 Journal Downloads

From a study on the impact of racial resentment on political ideology to analysis of issues including minority college admissions, the success of lying demagogues, and public opposition to “religious freedom” laws, the most downloaded sociological research published in the American Sociological Association’s journals in 2018 spanned a wide range of topics and social concerns.

Among the top 50 downloads, 12 were published in 2018, including the most downloaded article--a visualization of the role of racial resentment in the formation of political ideology from 1986 to 2016, published in the open-access journal Socius. The oldest article on the list, and the 50th most downloaded, was a 2003 City & Community article titled “Cities and the Creative Class.”

ASA’s flagship publication, the American Sociological Review, published more than 40% of the articles on the top 50 download list and 20% were published in in ASA’s public-facing magazine Contexts. Additionally, three of the Top 10 articles were published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, three in the open-access journal Socius, and another in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.

Taken together, the top 50 list (below) encompasses a broad range of domestic policy issues in the U.S., from stress and health to the gender pay gap to crime and immigration.

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American Sociological Association’s

Top 50 Downloads of 2018

Total Downloads



Ryan Jerome LeCount

Visualizing the Increasing Effect of Racial Resentment on Political Ideology among Whites, 1986 to 2016

Socius 4, September 2018






Heather McLaughlin, Christopher Uggen, Amy Blackstone

Sexual Harassment, Workplace Authority, and the Paradox of Power

American Sociological Review 77(4), August 2012


Peter Conrad, Kristin K. Barker

The Social Construction of Illness: Key Insights and Policy Implications

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(extra issue), March 2010






Stephen Vaisey, Omar Lizardo

Cultural Fragmentation or Acquired Dispositions? A New Approach to Accounting for Patterns of Cultural Change

Socius 2, October 2016


Peter Hart-Brinson

The Social Imagination of Homosexuality and the Rise of Same-sex Marriage in the United States

Socius 2, February 2016






Jo C. Phelan, Bruce G. Link, Parisa Tehranifar

Social Conditions as Fundamental Causes of Health Inequalities: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(extra issue), March 2010


Peggy A. Thoits

Stress and Health: Major Findings and Policy Implications

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(extra issue), March 2010






Katrin Auspurg, Thomas Hinz, Carsten Sauer

Why Should Women Get Less? Evidence on the Gender Pay Gap from Multifactorial Survey Experiments

American Sociological Review 82(1), February 2017


Robert J. Sampson

Rethinking Crime and Immigration

Contexts 7(1), February 2008






Ted Thornhill

We Want Black Students, Just Not You: How White Admissions Counselors Screen Black Prospective Students

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (OnlineFirst), September 5, 2018


Lauren A. Rivera

Hiring as Cultural Matching: The Case of Elite Professional Service Firms

American Sociological Review 77(6), December 2012




Amy Adamczyk, Brittany E. Hayes

Religion and Sexual Behaviors: Understanding the Influence of Islamic Cultures and Religious Affiliation for Explaining Sex Outside of Marriage

American Sociological Review 77(5), October 2012




Debra Umberson, Jennifer Karas Montez

Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(extra issue), March 2010






Ruth Milkman

A New Political Generation: Millennials and the Post-2008 Wave of Protest

American Sociological Review 82(1), February 2017


Oliver Hahl, Minjae Kim, Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan

The Authentic Appeal of the Lying Demagogue: Proclaiming the Deeper Truth about Political Illegitimacy

American Sociological Review 83(1), February 2018






Sarah Brayne

Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing

American Sociological Review 82(5), October 2017


Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Paula England, Alison C. K. Fogarty

Accounting for Women’s Orgasm and Sexual Enjoyment in College Hookups and Relationships

American Sociological Review 77(3), June 2012






Min Zhou

Are Asian Americans Becoming “White?”

Contexts 3(1), February 2004


Elaine Howard Ecklund, David R. Johnson, Christopher P. Scheitle, Kirstin R. W. Matthews, Steven W. Lewis

Religion among Scientists in International Context A New Study of Scientists in Eight Regions

Socius 2, September 2016






Joscha Legewie, Thomas A. DiPrete

School Context and the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement

American Sociological Review 77(3), June 2012


Tanya Golash-Boza

A Critical and Comprehensive Sociological Theory of Race and Racism

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 2(2), April 2016






Emily Kazyak, Kelsy Burke, Mathew Stange

Logics of Freedom: Debating Religious Freedom Laws and Gay and Lesbian Rights

Socius 4, February 2018


Natasha Quadlin

The Mark of a Woman’s Record: Gender and Academic Performance in Hiring

American Sociological Review 83(2), April 2018






Nour Dados, Raewyn Connell

The Global South

Contexts 11(1), Winter 2012




Miliann Kang, Katherine Jones

Why do People get Tattoos?

Contexts 6(1), Winter 2007




Matthew Desmond, Andrew V. Papachristos, David S. Kirk

Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community

American Sociological Review 81(5), October 2016




Peggy A. Thoits

Mechanisms Linking Social Ties and Support to Physical and Mental Health

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52(2), June 2011




Ann Owens

Income Segregation between School Districts and Inequality in Students’ Achievement

Sociology of Education 91(1), January 2018




Arne L. Kalleberg

Precarious Work, Insecure Workers: Employment Relations in Transition

American Sociological Review 74(1), February 2009




Becky Pettit, Bruce Western

Mass Imprisonment and the Life Course: Race and Class Inequality in U.S. Incarceration

American Sociological Review 69(2), April 2004



Michael J. Rosenfeld, Reuben J. Thomas

Searching for a Mate: The Rise of the Internet as a Social Intermediary

American Sociological Review 77(4), August 2012





Simón E. Weffer, Rodrigo Dominguez-Martinez, Raymond Jenkins

Taking a Knee

Contexts 17(3), Summer 2018



Jessie Daniels

The Algorithmic Rise of the “Alt-Right”

Contexts 17(1), Winter 2018





Kristen Schilt, Laurel Westbrook

Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics

Contexts 14(3): Summer 2015



Amelia R. Branigan, Christopher Wildeman, Jeremy Freese, Catarina I. Kiefe

Complicating Colorism: Race, Skin Color, and the Likelihood of Arrest

Socius 3, August 2017





Daniel L. Carlson, Amanda Jayne Miller, Sharon Sassler

Stalled for Whom? Change in the Division of Particular Housework Tasks and Their Consequences for Middle- to Low-Income Couples

Socius 4, April 2018




Patrick Sharkey, Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, Delaram Takyar

Community and the Crime Decline: The Causal Effect of Local Nonprofits on Violent Crime

American Sociological Review 82(6), December 2017




Dara Shifrer

Stigma of a Label: Educational Expectations for High School Students Labeled with Learning Disabilities

Journal of Health and Social Behavior 54(4), December 2013


Lauren A. Rivera

When Two Bodies Are (Not) a Problem: Gender and Relationship Status Discrimination in Academic Hiring

American Sociological Review 82(6), December 2017






Hyun Sik Kim

Consequences of Parental Divorce for Child Development

American Sociological Review 76(3), June 2011


Mary Romero

Trump’s Immigration Attacks, in Brief

Contexts 17(1), Winter 2018






Annette Lareau

Cultural Knowledge and Social Inequality

American Sociological Review 80(1), February 2015


Landon Schnabel

Sexual Orientation and Social Attitudes

Socius 4, April 2018






Cedric Herring

Does Diversity Pay?: Race, Gender, and the Business Case for Diversity

American Sociological Review 74(2), April 2009


Winifred Breines

Struggling to Connect: White and Black Feminism in the Movement Years

Contexts 6(1), February 2007






Kamesha Spates, Brittany C. Slatton

I’ve Got My Family and My Faith: Black Women and the Suicide Paradox

Socius 3, December 2017


Kieran Healy

Fuck Nuance

Sociological Theory 35(2), June 2017






Victor M. Rios

Stealing a Bag of Potato Chips and Other Crimes of Resistance

Contexts 11(1), Winter 2012


Daniel Schneider, Orestes P. Hastings, Joe LaBriola

Income Inequality and Class Divides in Parental Investments

American Sociological Review 83(3), June 2018





Richard Florida

Cities and the Creative Class

City & Community 2(1): March 2003


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