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March/April 2016

In the News

Amanda Anthony, University of Central Florida, was quoted in a January 21 Orlando Sentinel article, "Brothers' Road Trip Calls for Van, Spam, Blogging."

J. Gordon Arbuckle,Iowa State University, was quoted in a February 1 Scientific American article, "Climate Visions Clash in Iowa Caucuses."

Elizabeth Armstrong, University of Michigan, was quoted in a January 27 Huffington Post article, "In Responding to Survey Complaints, USC Shoots Itself in the Foot."

Robert Brulle, Drexel University, wrote a January 6 Washington Post opinion piece, "America Has Been Duped on Climate Change."

Meghan Burke, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Margaret Andersen, University of Delaware, were quoted in a January 18 Huffington Post article, "These Are the States Making the Most Racial Progress."

Jessica Carbino, Tinder, was quoted in a January 11 Bustle article, "This Is the Most Popular Clothing Color on Tinder."

Jessica Collet, University of Notre Dame, was quoted in a February 1 Quartz article, "Is Imposter Syndrome a Sign of Greatness?"

Marianne Cooper, Stanford University, was quoted in July 16 Refinery29 article, "More Working Women Is the Solution to Our Economic Woes," a July 28 Atlantic article, "Teen Girls and the Persistence of Gender Stereotypes," and an August 8 San Francisco Chronicle article, "Women Cracking Gender Ceilings in Sports."

Ryan T. Cragun, University of Tampa, was quoted in a January 26 Huffington Post article, "Americans May Be Getting Less Religious, but They're Feeling More Wonder," and a January 26 World Religion News article, "Richard Dawkins' Atheist Organization Merges with Center for Inquiry."

Robert G. Cushing, University of Texas-Austin, was mentioned in a February 1 Toronto Star article, "America Is a Nation Divided as Presidential Voting Begins in Iowa."

Peter Dreier, Occidental College, was quoted in articles about Bernie Sanders in a number of media outlets, including The New Yorker on October 12, The Boston Globe on October 31, and The New York Times on November 25. He was also quoted in a November 20 Al Jazeera article about the growing rent control movement in the United States. In addition, Dreier was interviewed on the NPR station KPCC on two topics: a strike of truck drivers at the Los Angeles Port on October 27 and whether socialism should be a dirty word in America on November 6. He also wrote an October 27 Salon article," "Now Louie Gohmert and Fox News will mansplain Planned Parenthood: The New Lie Right-Wing Men Can't Stop Pushing," an October 28 article, "What Is Democratic Socialism, American Style?," a November 2015 American Prospect article, "Hedge Funds: The Ultimate Absentee Landlord," a November 24 Huffington Post article, "The New Wave of Campus Protest: What's Behind the Oxy Occupation?," a December 6 Salon article, "The Amazing Rosa Parks Story Too Few People Still Know," a January 14 Huffington Post article, "On the Minimum Wage, Pasadena's Restaurant Lobby Is Selling Baloney," a January 16 Salon article, "'The Big Short's' Shortcomings," and a January 18 Huffington Post article, "Martin Luther King Was a Democratic Socialist,"

Riley Dunlap, Oklahoma State University, and Robert Brulle, Drexel University, were quoted in a January 8 Huffington Post article, "Researchers Map How Scientific Misinformation Spreads on the Internet."

Amin Ghaziani, University of British Columbia, was quoted and his book, There Goes the Gayborhood?, was mentioned in a January 13 article in The Guardian, titled, "The 'Gaytrication' Effect: Why Gay Neighbourhoods Are Being Priced Out."

Mark Granovetter, Stanford University, was mentioned in a January 21 Fortune article, "10 Ways for Silicon Valley to Delay its Decline and Fall."

Miriam Greenberg, University of California-Santa Cruz, was quoted in a January 31 Vancouver Sun article, "The $31b 'Green' Branding of Vancouver."

Kathleen Mullan Harris, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, was quoted in a January 6 Huffington Post article, "Friends Are as Important to Your Health as Diet and Exercise."

Richard Hogan, Purdue University, was quoted in a January 11 Oregonian article, "Wealth Gap Makes Retirement More Elusive for Blacks, Latinos."

Jason Houle, Dartmouth College, was quoted  about his new research in a January 21 HealthDay article, "Parental Debt May Affect Kids' Behavior." The research was also mentioned in a number of other media outlets, including and U.S. News and World Report on January 21 and Pacific Standard on January 22.

Michael Hout, New York University, was quoted in a January 31 Forbes article, "Millennials Less Religious than Older Americans."

Becky Hsu, Georgetown University, was quoted in a February 3 Washington Post article, "The Difference Between What Makes People Happy in the United States and the Rest of the World."

Heather McKee Hurwitz, Barnard College, was quoted in a January 31 Rolling Stone article, "'March for Bernie' Is an Occupy Wall Street Homecoming."

Andrew Jorgenson, Boston College, was quoted in a January 27 Washington Post article, "It's Not Just Flint: Poor Communities Across the Country Live with 'Extreme' Polluters."

Arne Kalleberg, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, was quoted in a January 9 International Business Times article, "Election 2016: Presidential Candidates to Tackle Wage Growth After Year of Positive Job Reports."

Kris Macomber, Meredith College, was quoted in a January 28 Associated Press article, "For the World's Most Scrutinized Body, Barbie Has a New Look." The article appeared in a number of media outlets, including The Virginian-Pilot on January 28 and the Hawaii Tribune-Herald on February 3.

Phyllis Moen, University of Minnesota, and Erin Kelly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, were quoted in a January 21 Bloomberg article about their recent American Sociological Review study, "Does a Flexibility/Support Organizational Initiative Improve High-Tech Employees' Well-Being? Evidence From the Work, Family, and Health Network." The study, whose other co-authors include Wen Fan, Boston College, and Shi-Rong Lee, University of Minnesota, was covered in a number of other media outlets, such as the Deseret News on January 18 and on January 21.

Alondra Nelson, Columbia University, was interviewed in January about her new book, The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation on NPR's "All Things Considered," WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show," WUNC's "The State of Things," KERA's "Think," and WEAA's "The Mark Steiner Show." Her book was also featured in The Boston Globe, NatureSlateAeon, and Pacific Standard.

Guðmundur Oddsson, Northern Michigan University, was quoted in a January 27 Quartz article, "The Case for Disarming America's Police Force."

Melvin L. Oliver, University of California-Santa Barbara, was quoted in a January 13 Los Angeles Times article, "New Pitzer College President Is First African American to Lead a Claremont Undergrad Campus."

Anthony Paik, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, was quoted and Kenneth Sanchagrin, Appalachian State University, and Karen Heimer, University of Iowa, were mentioned in a January 7 article, "UMass Amherst Sociologist Finds Sexually Active Teenage Girls Who Pledge Abstinence at Higher Risk for HPV, Unwanted Pregnancies," about their study.

Charles Perrow, Yale University, was mentioned in a January 30 VICE article, "Does Tragedy Prove That Space Exploration Is Worth It?"

Robert Putnam, Harvard University, was mentioned in a January 29 New York Times op-ed, "What Republicans Should Say."

Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland, was mentioned in a January 12 St. Louis Public Radio article, "A Saint Louis University Professor's Solutions-Oriented Research on Police Shootings of Black Males."

Jake Rosenfeld, Washington University in St. Louis, and Philip Cohen, University of Maryland, were quoted in a January 17 New York Times article, "What We Can Do to Close the Pay Gap."

Rubén G. Rumbaut, University of California-Irvine, and Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University, were quoted and Daniel E. Martinez, George Washington University, was mentioned in a January 14 New York Times article, "Data Link Immigrants to Low Rates of Crime."

Sharon Sassler, Cornell University, was quoted in a January 5 Star Tribune article, "Marriage Proposals Are Still a Guy Thing."

David R. Segal, University of Maryland, was quoted in a January 10 San Antonio Express-News article on the potential impact on military recruiting of the opening to women of combat specialties and units from which they have previously been excluded on the basis of gender. The article also appeared in the Houston Chronicle on January 10.

H. Luke Shaefer, University of Michigan, was quoted and Kathryn Edin, Johns Hopkins University, was mentioned in a January 13 Huffington Post article, "There Have to Be Better Ways to Fight Poverty. The White House Wants to Find Them."

William Julius Wilson, Harvard University, was quoted in a February 1 New York Times article, "Black America and the Class Divide."

Elroi Windsor, Salem College, was quoted in a January 20 VICE "Broadly" article, "Jar-Sized Waists: The High Cost of Extreme Corset Training."

Adia Harvey Wingfield, Washington University in St. Louis, wrote a January 26 Atlantic article, "How 'Service With a Smile' Takes a Toll on Women," which mentions Arlie Hochschild, University of California-Berkeley, Louwanda Evans, Millsaps College, and Jennifer Pierce, University of Minnesota.

Nicholas H. Wolfinger, University of Utah, was the subject of a January 19 Deseret News Q&A article, "Soul Mates: What's Important for Latinos, African-Americans When it Comes to Family Life and Love?," which also mentioned W. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia, and Elijah Anderson, Yale University.

Queen Meccasia Zabriskie, New College of Florida, was quoted in a January 30 Sarasota Herald-Tribune article, "'Stepping' Along a Path of Academia."

Sharon Zukin, Brooklyn College, CUNY, was quoted in a January 19 New York Times article, "Brooklyn Neighborhood May Finally Get Its Way for an Old Hospital Site"