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January-March 2021

2021 Junior Theorists Symposium

Held over Zoom on August 6 (additional dates TBD), the Junior Theorists Symposium invites submissions of précis for the 15th Junior Theorists Symposium (JTS). The JTS conference features the work of up-and-coming sociologists, sponsored in part by the Theory Section of ASA. The symposium invites all ABD graduate students, recent PhDs, postdocs, and assistant professors who received their PhDs from 2017 onwards to submit up to a three-page précis (800-1,000 words). The précis should include the key theoretical contribution of the paper and a general outline of the argument. We invite submissions from all substantive areas of sociology, especially papers that are works-in-progress and would benefit from the discussions at JTS. Sarah Brothers, Yale University, and Laura Halcomb, University of California-Santa Barbara will review the anonymized submissions. Send an email to the-at with questions. By mid-March, we will extend up to 12 invitations to present at JTS 2021. Plan to share a full paper by July 6, 2021. Deadline: February 19, 2021.

February 19, 2021