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January-March 2019

Recipients of the 2019 ASA Awards

The ASA proudly announces the 2019 award recipients of the highest honors the Association confers. Awardees, selected by committees directly appointed by the ASA Council, will be honored during a ceremony on August 11 at the 2019 ASA Annual Meeting in New York City. A formal address by ASA President Mary Romero will follow the ceremony.  

The officers of the Association extend heartfelt congratulations to the following honorees:

Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award

Sandra Barnes, Vanderbilt University

The Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award is given to an individual or individuals for their work in the intellectual traditions of the work of Oliver Cox, Charles S. Johnson, and E. Franklin Frazier, three African American scholars. 

Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology 

Eric Wanner, Russell Sage Foundation

This award may recognize work that has facilitated or served as a model for the work of others; work that has significantly advanced the utility of one or more specialty areas in sociology and, by so doing, has elevated the professional status or public image of the field as a whole; or work that has been honored or widely recognized outside the discipline for its significant impacts.

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award

William Frey, University of Michigan and Brookings Institute

This award is given annually to honor outstanding contributions to the undergraduate and/or graduate teaching and learning of sociology, which improve the quality of teaching.

Distinguished Scholarly Book Award

Crook County: Racism and Injustice in America’s Largest Criminal Court by Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, University of Delaware

This annual award is given to the single best book published in the three preceding calendar years.

Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues Award

Eric Deggans, NPR

The Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues Award honors individuals for their promotion of sociological findings and a broader vision of sociology, especially recognizing the contributions of those who have been especially effective in disseminating sociological perspectives and research.

Jessie Bernard Award

Rhacel Parrenas, University of Southern California

Bandana Purkayastha, University of Connecticut

The Jessie Bernard Award is given in recognition of scholarly work that has enlarged the horizons of sociology to encompass fully the role of women in society and honors those who have demonstrated significant cumulative work throughout a professional career.

Public Understanding of Sociology Award 

Joe Feagin, Texas A&M University

The Public Understanding of Sociology Award is given annually to honor those who have made exemplary contributions to advance the public understanding of sociology, sociological research, and scholarship among the general public.

W.E.B. Du Bois Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award

Harvey L. Molotch, New York University

The W.E.B. DuBois Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award honors scholars who have shown outstanding commitment to the profession of sociology and whose cumulative work has contributed in important ways to the advancement of the discipline.

Dissertation Award

Announced in June 2019

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