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April-June 2017

New for 2017: An Employment Fair at the Annual Meeting

ASA is excited to announce an updated model and format for job seekers and employers to meet at the Annual Meeting. After careful review of the current service, examination of programs from similar organizations, and input from past Annual Meeting Employment Service users, we have developed a lower-cost, more inclusive service, while maintaining the option for scheduled one-on-one interviews. By reducing the participation cost for attendees as well as employers, we hope to grow participation and expand the scope of the audience we can serve. 

The Employment Fair will be open to all registered meeting attendees at no additional fee. The Employment Fair will be held on Saturday, August 12 from 10:00am-4:00pm in the Palais des congrès de Montréal, which will allow registered attendees to meet informally with employers who have registered for the Employment Fair. Employers with a current open position(s), as well as employers without a current opening but interested in sharing information about the employment opportunities they offer, are invited to participate in the Employment Fair. A list of employers who will be at the Fair will be continuously updated on the ASA website prior to the meeting and listed in the meeting app.

Beginning May 1, 2017, employers (with a current open or upcoming position) will be able to register for a booth at the Employment Fair. Once an employer is registered, the institution will be added to the Employment Fair website as a participating employer.

In order to connect employers and job seekers prior to arriving in Montréal, the ASA is updating the ASA Job Bank indicate job seekers who will be in attendance at the Annual Meeting. Also beginning May 1, 2017, jobs seekers who are ASA members or subscribe to the Job Bank will be able to indicate in their Job Bank Resume Listing whether they will be attending the Annual Meeting. Employers with a current listing in the Job Bank will be able to search resume listings by individuals attending the Annual Meeting. This option will be available on the Job Bank May 1-August 31, 2017.

In order to facilitate interviews, employers may use the same booth space on Sunday, August 13 and Monday, August 14 to conduct interviews with potential candidates that they meet during the Employment Fair or connect with prior to the meeting. Employers are responsible for scheduling all interviews and may schedule interviews in advance or invite individuals they meet on Saturday to come back for a longer discussion. There is no time limit for these meetings. Only individuals that have been invited to interview will be allowed in the hall on these additional days.

We are excited to introduce this new service in Montréal and encourage any individual, whether currently on the job market or a future candidate, to attend the Employment Fair. The new, relaxed environment is designed to be low-pressure and flexible. The Employment Fair also welcomes those scholars who will be future job seekers to explore different employment options for sociologists.

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