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April/May 2019

Special Symposia at the 2019 Annual Meeting in New York

Special Symposia at the 2019 Annual Meeting in New York

Sociology in Practice Settings

Saturday, August 10

Join sociologists who work in government, industry, research centers, non-profits, and other practice settings for a day of programming at the ASA Annual Meeting in New York. The symposium will include workshops, lightning presentations, and roundtable sessions that address the context-specific challenges of work in these areas. Connect with sociologists who use disciplinary knowledge and skills to solve applied problems and learn more about this career path. The symposium is scheduled the day before sessions organized by the ASA Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology, and participants are encouraged take advantage of the opportunity to attend both sets of activities. For more information, visit

Teaching and Learning in Sociology

Monday, August 12

The symposium on teaching and learning in sociology was created to engage a broad array of sociologists in discussions of teaching and learning in the discipline. Participants will gather specific and applied teaching ideas that they can use in their own classrooms. The symposium will include four workshops, lightning presentations of teaching techniques, and informal roundtables. There will also be opportunity to participate in a no-host networking lunch with other participants. The symposium is scheduled the day before the sessions sponsored by the Section on Teaching and Learning, so participants can be a part of two full days of activities related to teaching in sociology. Check out for more information.

Symposia are open to all who have registered for the Annual Meeting. 

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