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Take Action to Protect the Data You Need

September 12, 2018

Do you use census data?  Now is your opportunity to ensure continued access to the data products that are important for your work.

The Bureau of the Census needs feedback from individual researchers, research centers, businesses, state and local governments – or anyone who uses census data -- about the value of specific data products and their availability at specific levels of geography.  There is currently a request for comments to the Federal Register that will CLOSE IN A FEW DAYS, ON SEPTEMBER 17.  Among other questions, the Bureau is asking how you would accomplish your work if specific Census products did not exist.  

While it is possible to upload a comment in any form, the Bureau has provided a spreadsheet for giving your feedback in a form that will be particularly useful – go to the 3rd, 4th and 5th tabs on the spreadsheet and fill out the sections that apply to your work.  Save the file and then upload it to the Federal Register here.   If you’d like to get more information about submitting a comment, there is an informational webinar you can watch.

Please support access to the data you need, right away.


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