American Sociological Association

Letter from Presidents of Professional Sociological Organizations in Support of Scholars

October 1, 2020

Office of the President
1246 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-1246

Office of the Chancellor
123 Lyceum
The University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677 USA


President Michael K. Young (Texas A&M University)
Chancellor Glenn Boyce (University of Mississippi)

On Monday of last week (9/21/2020) the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that two Sociology professors, Dr. Wendy Leo Moore of Texas A&M University and Dr. James M. Thomas of the University of Mississippi, are both being threatened with termination and/or financial penalty for their participation in #Scholarstrike activities of September 8th and 9th. Inspired by increased resistance to continuing police violence against African Americans--including a work stoppage of professional athletes--#Scholarstrike was a national effort by faculty to raise awareness and educate students on the long history of white supremacy and policing, as well as the long struggle of African Americans and others to achieve racial equality and civil rights. These educators’ actions were supported not only by national professional organizations such as the American Sociological Association and the Society for the Study of Social Problems, but also by dozens of college and university administrations who acknowledged their faculty’s rights and even thanked their professors’ efforts. 

As the Presidents of professional sociological organizations from around the United States, we the undersigned join over 800 of our members and colleagues who have signed letters in support of Drs. Moore and Thomas. We believe Moore and Thomas have been wrongly attacked for participating in a legitimate professional activity consistent with the principles of academic freedom and human rights. We call on Texas A&M University and the University of Mississippi to stop or disavow the threats and intimidation leveled against these two professors.  
We stand in solidarity with Dr. Wendy Leo Moore and Dr. James M. Thomas.  

In Solidarity,

Aldon Morris, Ph.D., President of the American Sociological Association
Corey Dolgon, Ph.D., President of the Society for the Study of Social Problems
Karen Albright, Ph.D., President of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
Johnny Eric Williams, Ph.D., President of the Association for Humanist Sociology
Adia Harvey Wingfield, Ph.D., President of the Southern Sociological Society
Josephine Beoku-Betts, Ph.D., President of the Sociologists for Women in Society
Russell (Rusty) Ward, Ph.D., President of the South Carolina Sociological Association
Zandria F. Robinson, Ph.D., President of the Association of Black Sociologists
Jennifer Lee, Ph.D., President of the Eastern Sociological Society
Eileen M. Crimmins, Ph.D., President of the Population Association of America
Julie A. Pelton, Ph.D., President of the Midwest Sociological Society
Yoku Shaw-Taylor, Ph.D., President of the The District of Columbia Sociological Society


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