American Sociological Association

Letter to ICE Concerning Ending Visa Exemptions for International Students

July 8, 2020

On July 8, 2020, ASA joins numerous learned societies in a letter to Matthew T. Albence, the deputy director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, regarding its decision to end temporary visa exemptions for international students. "Colleges and universities alike depend on the presence, physical and online, of international visa holders, and many undergraduate and, especially, graduate students cannot complete their work without access to the archival, library, laboratory, and technical resources of their institutions, whether classes are being held entirely online or not. International students are an important element of our institutions’ vitality and diversity, and the exemptions that were in place for spring and summer under the Student Exchange and Visitor Program allowed many students to remain connected to their US institutions during this unsettled time. Revoking those exemptions now will end the possibility of U.S. study for international students, affecting both their futures and the futures of the institutions that have depended on and benefited from their contributions." Read the full letter here.

NHA has issued an action alert calling on ICE to reverse this decision, which would threaten the ability of international students to stay in the United States if their universities shift to online instruction in the Fall.  Urge your Members of Congress to pressure ICE to reverse its decision.

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