American Sociological Association

Federal Statistics Working Group

September 11, 2017

Council is pleased to announce the formation of this working group.  The charge is broad by design.  The group is asked to proactively and reactively address issues related to the continued collection and use of federal statistics.  This is an advocacy charge.  The group may identify relevant issues independently, and issues may be brought to the working group for consideration by the Council or the executive office. 

Thanks to the ASA members who have generously agreed to serve on this important working group:

Co-chairs: John Laub, University of Maryland; C. Matthew Snipp, Stanford University
Camille Zubrinsky Charles, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas at Austin
Kyle Crowder, University of Washington
Kenneth Gould, Brooklyn College
Michael Hout, New York University
Hedy Lee, Washington University in St. Louis
Fernando Rivera, University of Central Florida
David Takeuchi, Boston College
Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State College
Staff Liaison: Nancy Kidd


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