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Expanding the Pool of ASA Reviewers and Editorial Board Members

September 14, 2018

Journal reviewers evaluate manuscripts submissions and provide feedback, suggest improvements, and make a recommendation to the editors about whether to accept, reject, or recommend revisions. While editors ultimately are responsible for manuscript decisions, reviewers play a significant role in determining the outcome.

If you don't already review for an ASA journal, consider contacting editors to let them know that you are willing and able to evaluate papers in your areas of expertise.

A history of strong and prompt reviews may lead to an invitation to serve on a journal’s editorial board. If you have a history of reviewing for an ASA journal, nominations (including self-nominations) may be accepted by that journal editor as they work to broaden and diversify their editorial board. (Note that editorial board members are required to maintain ASA membership during their term of service.)

ASA journal mission statements and editorial office contact information is available at

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