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ASA Task Force on Contingent Faculty Interim Report

The ASA Task Force on Contingent Faculty was appointed to address the changes in faculty employment and working conditions, career prospects for graduate students, and the consequences for higher education that have resulted from the increased reliance on contingent faculty. Contingent faculty, both part-time and full-time non-tenure track, have increased dramatically. By 2011 a majority of faculty were employed part-time.  Contingent faculty are least common at Ph.D.

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ASA News

Teaching in the Community College Context: A Special Issue of Teaching Sociology

Given the volume and importance of the work performed by community college faculty, the valuation of their work is not nearly as strong as it should be with respect to wages, benefits, and security. And yet, the challenges of teaching in a community college (particularly, instructing economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students) can be sources of great reward.

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