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Careers in Sociology: Marcus Pruitt


Marcus Pruitt

Marcus Pruitt

August 21, 2016

Immerse Yourself in Internships

BA in Sociology
County Employee, Graduate Student

Currently, I work in the travel and tourism sector of county government. Interacting with people from many different places is one thing I particularly enjoy. I am also a graduate student and a graduate research assistant. My sociology background has greatly aided my graduate school pursuits. My training in how to use the current literature, methodology, and data analysis has helped me transition into a better researcher.

My advice? Immerse yourself in internships and as much research as possible. There are many opportunities both stateside and in other countries for students. I have been able to apply my skills at a non-profit organization as both an intern and a volunteer.

As a Ronald E. McNair alum (, I cannot express how important and beneficial their summer research program has been for me. Summer research provides you with the opportunity to work closely in the discipline and area of your choosing; you are also surrounded by likeminded individuals who provide encouragement and support.

This career profile was extracted from the booklet 21st Century Careers with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology, 2nd Edition. The booklet is available for purchase in the ASA Bookstore. 

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