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Careers in Sociology: Linsay Riddle


Linsay Riddle

Linsay Riddle

August 21, 2016

Understanding Different Viewpoints Makes You More Valuable to Any Team

BA in Sociology
High School Teacher

I currently teach sociology, psychology, US Government, and US History at the high school level. My tasks include lesson planning, instructing, grading, and classroom management. I also sponsor the Student Council. Though challenging, I find something satisfying about my job nearly every day.

I use my background in sociology on a daily basis. My understanding of different cultures, family structures, and religions and how they influence worldviews and values helps me communicate with my students and make the content relevant to them. This approach encourages open discussions and dialogues with many viewpoints, even when we are discussing controversial topics.

No matter what our chosen field, we are bound to encounter people who see things from a different perspective. Being able to understand those viewpoints makes you better at communicating and more valuable to any team in any profession.

This career profile was extracted from the booklet 21st Century Careers with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology, 2nd Edition. The booklet is available for purchase in the ASA Bookstore. 

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