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Call for Editorship Proposals for Journal of World-Systems Research

February 14, 2019

Application deadline: March 31, 2019

Due to some unfortunate developments, the editorial team selected to succeed the current one is not able to do so. The PEWS Publications Committee is therefore renewing its search for a new editorial team for the Journal of World-Systems Research. The Journal of World-Systems Research is the official journal of the Political Economy of World-Systems (PEWS) Section of the American Sociological Association. It is available free online, has established a strong reputation of nearly 25 years in publishing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on global social change and world-systems analysis (see

Ideally the new Editor(s) would have tenure at a research university and would be able to obtain financial support (i.e., graduate funding for managing editor, office space, supplies/postage) and course releases from their university for the publication of the journal. Ideally the new team can take over at the end of the current editorial team’s term on December 31, 2019. But accommodations can be made for a later start date. Also, the current editor will assist the transition to the new leadership as needed.

The PEWS Publications Committee will review all proposals and will make the decision regarding the editorial transition by no later than May 1, 2019. Members of the PEWS Publications Committee are: Chris Chase-Dunn, Kelly Austin, Jordanna Matlon, Jackie Smith (JWSR editor), Marilyn Grell-Brisk (co-editor of PEWS News), Jesse Liss (co-editor of PEWS News), Zeinab Shuker (co-editor of PEWS News), Michaela Curran (PEWS webmaster).

Please contact the publications committee if you are interested in any one of the following editorial roles (summarized below) and/or if you would like to propose a 3-member editorial team consisting of senior editor, book review editor, and communications and outreach editor. We can provide a more detailed set of job descriptions to those interested in being considered for these positions. Inquiries and proposals should be submitted by March 30, 2019 to The committee chair is Chris Chase-Dunn, and he can be reached at:

Journal of World-Systems Research

 What is the term of an editorial team?
The term is three years initially, with an extension of two years upon mutual agreement of the editor and the section. The new editorial team will formally take over all editorial responsibilities beginning with the Summer/Fall 2019 issue. The current editorial team will be available to assist in the transition throughout 2019.

What kind of funding level does JWSR need?
The journal has an operating budget that is tied to section membership (roughly $3000 per year). Additional funding for a graduate research assistant to serve as managing editor should be obtained. In addition, it is recommended that some support for the senior editor in the form of course release(s) be obtained. The operating budget from the section is used for production and outreach costs and may also be used to provide a stipend for the graduate student managing editor position during the summer months.

What are the editorial responsibilities, and how much time is required?
Brief descriptions of editorial positions below:

  • Senior Editor: The work requires about 4-5 hours per 5-day work week, on average, throughout the year. This presumes there is a managing editor to assist. Of course, the workload varies greatly over time depending on varying submission rates and the publication schedule. JWSR appears bi-annually, but there are some very busy times throughout the year. Requesting guaranteed course release from administrators would be wise. The editor solicits and reviews incoming submissions, assigns reviewers, and determines whether submissions will be accepted/declined/or requested revise & resubmit. Editor oversees production of journal and coordinates the overall work of the editorial team.
  • The Book Review Editor is responsible for planning content for the book review section, including special features, finding fair reviewers of books that are relevant to the subjects and interests of JWSR readers, getting the reviews and copyediting them.
  • The Communications and Outreach Editor has three main responsibilities: (1) maintain regular contact with PEWS section members and other volunteers who help support the Journal; (2) help educate both PEWS members and a broader audience about the political importance of Open Access publishing; and (3) promote the journal through a variety of professional and other networks and social media, with the aim of enhancing the journal’s visibility with diverse audiences around the world.
  • Managing Editor: The Managing Editor’s role is usually filled by a graduate student funded by the host institution (of senior editor). The managing editor supports the senior editor in overseeing the work of the journal and supports all aspects of production of the journal. The managing editor also supports the work of other editorial team members.

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