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ASA Signs on to Letters to Congress Regarding Spending Caps


February 7, 2018

On February 6, ASA signed on to a letter from the Task Force on American Innovation—a broad nonpartisan coalition—that was sent to U.S. congressional leadership, regarding 302(b) allocation. These allocations establish the cap on spending for each of the appropriations bills. The letter's 95 undersigned businesses, scientific and engineering societies, and universities--each a fundamental part of the U.S. innovation ecosystem driving American economic growth and job creation--urge Congressional leaders to increase the investment in science research. America's position as the global leader in science and technology is no longer a given, but Congress can act to keep the U.S. on top. The letter states:

"Robust and sustained federal investment in scientific research is essential to strengthening our economic
and national security. These investments support advanced training for students at U.S. universities and
national laboratories whom businesses actively recruit for high-quality American jobs. Federally funded
scientific research both at DOD and civilian agencies such as NSF and NIST, also ensures our warfighters
and defense systems are well protected and equipped with the most advanced technical capabilities to
fight and win the wars of the future – both real world and virtual conflicts."

On February 15, ASA also signed on to a joint letter from research leaders to Senate and House leadership regarding 302(b) allocations, The letter states:

"As you determine 302(b) allocations for the appropriations subcommittees, we urge you to empower robust funding increases for the federal agencies that fuel and conduct research and development (R&D). Whether the objective is to stoke the engine of our economy, confront threats to the health and safety of Americans, or forge a path to long-term fiscal stability, strengthening investments in R&D will generate crucial returns to our nation."

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