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ASA Sends Letter to the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Regarding the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

February 17, 2019

In a February 15, 2019, letter to David B. Cornstein, the U.S. Embassor to Hungary, ASA wrote:

Dear Ambassador Cornstein,   
We, the American Sociological Association, representing more than 12,000 professionals in our field, are writing to express our concern and to register opposition to the proposed changes in governance of the world-renowned Hungarian Academy of Sciences, including the Social Science Research Institute in which many Hungarian sociologists are employed.    

Putting academic research institutes under the direct control of political ministries, in any country, endangers academic freedom and scholarly inquiry.  The proposed requirement by the Hungarian government that researchers must apply for funding for specific projects from ministerial authorities threatens to create a situation in which the creation of scholarship may become subject to political approval.  The international standing of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will suffer if the independence of its scholarship is compromised.    

Read the full letter here.


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