American Sociological Association

2018 ASA Election Results

June 4, 2018

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 ASA election. Thank you to all the candidates who generously volunteered their service, and congratulations to the new members of our leadership team.

One-year term as President-Elect, one-year term as President, and one-year term as Past President
Christine Williams, University of Texas-Austin 

Vice President-Elect 
One-year term as Vice President-Elect, one-year term as Vice President and, one-year term as Past Vice President
Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

One-year term as Secretary-Elect; three-year term as Secretary
Nancy López, University of New Mexico

Council Members-at-Large 
Three-year terms
Kelly H. Chong, University of Kansas
Wendy Leo Moore, Texas A&M University
Jennifer Reich, University of Colorado-Denver
Sara Shostak, Brandeis University

Committee on Committees 
Two-year terms
Shannon Davis, George Mason University
Lynda Laughlin, U.S. Census Bureau
Mignon Moore, Barnard College-Columbia University
CJ Pascoe, University of Oregon

Committee on Nominations 
Two-year terms
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Princeton University
Lorena Garcia, University of Illinois-Chicago
David S. Meyer, University of California-Irvine
Dina G. Okamoto, Indiana University
Karolyn Tyson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Committee on Publications 
Three-year terms
Syed Ali, Long Island University-Brooklyn
Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland-College Park
Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago

Student Forum
Graduate Student Members (Two-year terms)
Marie Plaisime, Howard University 
Apoorva Ghosh, University of California-Irvine 
Endia Hayes, Rutgers University 
Saugher Nojan, University of California-Santa Cruz

Undergraduate Student Member (One-year term)
Elena van Stee, Calvin College

Opportunities in Retirement Network 
Two-year terms
Maxine Baca Zinn, Michigan State University 
Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, Arizona State University 
Jeffrey E. Nash, Missouri State University

Proposed Amendments to Article V, Section 3 of the ASA Bylaws

The amendment proposal regarding the program committee composition was approved. 

Proposed Amendments to the ASA Code of Ethics

The Code of Professional Ethics revision proposal was approved. 

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