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2020 Election Results

ASA is pleased to announce the results of the 2020 ASA election. Thank you to all the candidates who generously volunteered their service, and congratulations to the new members of our leadership team. Cecilia Menjívar, University of California-Los Angeles, has been elected the 113th President of the American Sociological Association, and Nina Bandelj, University of California-Irvine, has been elected Vice President. Professors Menjívar and Bandelj will assume their respective offices in August 2021, following a year of service as President-elect and Vice President-elect (2020-21).


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ASA Awards

Each year, ASA recognizes a wide range of contributions to the discipline of sociology. Honoring the best, ASA presents awards for outstanding scholarship, teaching, practice, and public understanding of sociology. 

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2019 Annual Meeting The ASA Meetings department coordinates the ASA Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting provides the opportunity for professionals involved in the scientific study of society to share knowledge and new directions in research and practice. Nearly 600 program sessions are convened during the four-day meeting held every August to provide participation venues and networking outlets for nearly 3,000 research papers and over 4,600 presenters. 

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