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Edward Telles Award Statement

Edward Telles Awards Statment

Professor Telles (Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin; B.A., Anthropology, Stanford University) is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles where he teaches courses on race and ethnicity, social demography, development, and urban sociology. Race in Another America was also awarded the best book prize from the Brazil section of the Latin American Studies Association and the Hubert Herring Award from the Pacific Council of Latin American Studies. In 2005, he also received the Otis Dudley Duncan Award from the American Sociological Association.

He was a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation (2004-2005), where he began analyzing intergenerational change in ethnic identity, language use, education and other issues among Mexican Americans, based on random sample surveys of Los Angeles and San Antonio in 1965 and 2000. With Vilma Ortiz, he is completing a manuscript of that book, tentatively titled: Racialized Ethnicity: Mexican Americans and The Persistence of Ethnic Boundaries. He served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences panel on the status of Hispanics from 2002-2005, and was Program Officer in Human Rights for the Ford Foundation in Rio de Janeiro from 1997-2000.

Professor Telles has published widely in the area of immigration, race and ethnic relations, social demography and urban sociology. Some of his work focuses on the economic impacts of immigration in the United States, the effect of skin color on education and income for Mexican Americans, and the demographic foundations of the Hispanic population. He has received grant awards from the National Institute of Child and Human Development, the National Science Foundation, and the Fulbright Commission. Prior to going to graduate school and becoming an academic, he was a community organizer and English as a Second Language Instructor in Los Angeles.