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Ross Koppel Award Statement

Ross Koppel Award Statement

Ross Koppel is a leading sociological practitioner with an extensive and impressive record, both nationally and internationally, of academic achievement, public visibility, earned respect, and commitment to the discipline.One remarkable aspect of Koppel’s career is the unusually wide range of topics his works addresses, including evaluation research, policy analysis, research ethics, workforce needs, the role of technology in the workplace, medical sociology, and human capital. Another is the impact his work has had on policy and research practice.Over the past four decades, Koppel has published more than 170 academic papers, monographs, chapters, and books, and has several publications in active preparation.

Koppel has practiced both within and outside the academy.He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania for almost two decades.As the president of the Social Research Corporation, he serves as principal investigator on a number of on-going projects.Koppel’s previous research and consulting positions include serving twice on the White House Conference on the Future of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

His work has had major impacts across society.Koppel is the federally-appointed monitor of the Boston public transit system (MBTA).His research on the system’s treatment of people with disabilities was pivotal in a record-setting legal settlement dedicated to improving the transit system’s accommodations for the disabled; his evaluation methodology now serves as the basis for federal evaluations of all public transit systems.His ground-breaking work on the cost of Alzheimer’s disease generated a new way of understanding the disease, a model for determining costs of other diseases, and billions of dollars in funding for Alzheimer’s disease.Koppel’s work on medical informatics has revolutionized the study of the subject and been credited with saving thousands of lives.

Koppel has received numerous awards and recognitions from professional organizations.He authored the code of ethics for the Sociological Practice Association and the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, and served as president of both organizations and in many positions with the American Sociological Association.Those who know him also recognize his unique sense of humor.

We recognize Ross Koppel for these extensive and far-reaching contributions with the 2010 American Sociological Association Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology.