American Sociological Association

Navigating the Process of Curriculum Redesign in Sociology: Challenges and Lessons from One Program

The American Sociological Association has produced a wide range of reports and materials addressing curricular best practices. Collectively, those materials are an invaluable resource for guiding revisions of the sociology major, but they do not address processes for implementing such revisions. In this conversation piece, we describe the steps by which our department implemented a thorough curricular redesign—a process nearing completion after five years of formal discussions, and with roots reaching back even farther. We organize our discussion around three areas of effort that comprised our process: charting a course, bringing colleagues along, and institutionalizing outcomes. We highlight important milestones, challenges, and successes that we encountered along the way and provide recommendations based on our experiences for colleagues in other departments interested in undertaking their own redesign.


Dennis J. Downey, Lindsey Trimble O'Connor, Leslie Abell, Daniel Armanino, Mark Jepson, Reha Kadakal, Sunghee Nam, Luis Sánchez, and Elizabeth Sowers





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