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Cost of Membership

Membership dues cover the calendar year (January 1-December 31). ASA does not offer pro-rated membership fees for individuals joining after January 1.

Membership Fees

Regular membership dues are based on income and range from $51 to $368. Full-time students may join for $51. Non-sociologists may join as Associate members for $103. Regular, Student, High School Teacher and Associate membership includes one print journal of choice. Retired membership is $51. International Associate membership is $55. ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals as part of membership. Regular, associate, and student members also receive one printed journal included with their membership dues.

Regular Membership Category:

(Dues are determined by annual gross income)

Annual Gross Income Amount
Not employed  $51
Under $30,000  $82
$30,000-$39,999  $128
$40,000-$54,999  $189
$55,000-$69,999  $241
$70,000-$84,999   $273
$85,000-$99,999  $294
$100,000-$124,999  $317
$125,000-$149,999   $342
$150,000 and over  $368


Associate Member:  $103

Not for individuals with full-time appointments in sociology departments. Associate members are not eligible to vote in ASA elections.

Student Member:  $51

Only full-time students are eligible for this category.

Retired Member:  $51

Must be retired from primary workplace and no longer receiving payment for sociological work on a salaried basis.

International Associate:  $55

Click here to view whether your country is eligible for this category.

High School Teacher: $55

Only secondary school teachers are eligible for this category.

All membership categories, except for Retired and International Associate, include one printed journal of choice. All ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals. 

Journal Subscription Fees

ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals included with membership. Regular, associate, and student members receive one printed journal. ASA members may purchase additional printed journals for $45 for Regular, Associate, International Associate, High School Teacher and Retired members, and $30 for Students and members in the "Not employed" category. International subscribers must add $20 for postage per print journal subscription.

Journal Regular/Associate Student/Not employed
 American Sociological Review  $45  $30
 Contemporary Sociology  $45  $30
 Contexts  $45  $30
 Journal of Health and Social Behavior  $45  $30
 Social Psychology Quarterly  $45  $30
 Sociological Methodology  $45  $30
 Sociological Theory  $45  $30
 Sociology of Education  $45  $30
 Teaching Sociology  $45  $30


Additional Elective Costs


ASA members may join special interest sections. Some sections publish newsletters, maintain listservs and sponsor program sessions during the Annual Meeting. Section dues are an additional cost to membership dues. You must be a current ASA member to join a section.

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