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Give the gift of membership in the American Sociological Association to a student for only $51, which includes all the regular benefits of student membership as well as a journal of the student’s choice. The new online gift membership process is available to ASA members, non-members, and departments.

Give the Gift of ASA Membership to a Student Today!

Each student recipient will receive notification of the gift membership via e-mail, including the name of the donor, and a link to complete the membership application with her/his preferred journal selection. (Any additional journals or special interest sections may be added at the student’s cost.) Multiple gift memberships may be purchased in one order.

Donors may search the ASA database to select individuals who already have an ASA record or create a new record for the recipient (as long as they can provide basic contact information used to communicate with the recipient). Multiple gift memberships may be given at once.

Gift student memberships include a journal of choice; full access to the TRAILS online database of teaching resources; discounts on special interest sections, Annual Meeting registration, publications and merchandise; free access to ASA journals in JSTOR and a wide array of other member benefits. By giving a student membership, you and the student support and participate in our endeavors on behalf of the profession and discipline of sociology, including the important work of ASA members and staff in helping to cultivate the next generation of students that enriches our scholarship, teaching, and research.

ASA has an active and robust programming component for its student members, who comprise a notable and active portion of the ASA membership. ASA student programs  support student involvement in ASA governance and sections, professional development and socialization into the discipline, and funds for students to both attend and participate in the ASA Annual Meeting.

The ASA Student Forum, which provides resources for graduate and undergraduate student members, helps develop networks among students and facilitates student participation within ASA by encouraging professional development and service. Individuals who join ASA as students automatically become members of the Student Forum, receive the bi-monthly e-newsletter, The Student Sociologist, can join the listserv, and have access to all official Student Forum programming at the Annual Meeting and throughout the academic year.

Give the Gift of ASA Membership to a Student Today!

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