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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Social Networks and Social Psychology

Call for Papers
Special Issue on Social Networks and Social Psychology

Interest in social network analysis has exploded in the past decade or so, partly triggered by the rapid development in new statistical methods for analyzing social networks and partly fueled by the increasing availability of social network data through popular social media sites. Recent advancements in social network analysis, however, have been largely structural and statistical.

Social network analysis has been a central topic for Social Psychology Quarterly since the journal was still Sociometry when it aspired to focus on studying inter-personal relations. This special issue calls for papers that re-visit this root of social network analysis by studying the social psychological foundations of social networks and the interplay between social networks and social psychological processes. We expect the new research to advance both social network analysis and sociological social psychology in substantive or methodological terms. Selected topics include but are not limited to the following.

  • Nature of social ties: meaning, strength, and multiplexity
  • Network formation processes based on reciprocity, transitivity, preferential attachment, and group processes
  • Belonging/identity/trust/emotion and social networks
  • Perception and knowledge of social networks
  • Interplay between personality and social networks
  • Network positions, status, and power processes
  • Social influence network and social creation/contagion of norms
  • Co-evolution of attitudes/beliefs and social networks
  • Perceived inequality/redistributive justice and social networks
  • Online network dynamics and social media bias

Full papers should be submitted at by June 1, 2019. See "Notice for Contributors" for the submission requirements. Please indicate in a cover letter that the paper is submitted for the special issue on “Social Networks and Social Psychology."

For more information on the special issue, please feel free to contact the SPQ Co-Editor Brent Simpson ( or the special issue editors Weihua An (, Matthew E. Brashears (, and Cathryn Johnson (