American Sociological Association

Jessie Bernard Award Selection Committee

The Jessie Bernard Award is given in recognition of scholarly work that has enlarged the horizons of sociology to encompass fully the role of women in society. The contribution may be in empirical research, theory, or methodology. It is presented for significant cumulative work done throughout a professional career. The award is open to women or men and is not restricted to sociologists. Only members of the American Sociological Association may submit nominations for the Jessie Bernard Award. Nominations for career achievement should include a narrative letter of nomination, a copy of the vita of the nominee, and three supporting letters.

Nominations should be submitted to: American Sociological Association, ATTN: Governance Office, 1430 K Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005; e-mail The deadline for nominations for the 2018 award is January 29, 2017.

Name Begin End Position
Kathleen Gerson 1/1/2014 12/31/2016 Member
Denise A. Segura 1/1/2014 12/31/2016 Member
Verta A. Taylor 1/1/2014 12/31/2016 Member
Margaret L. Andersen 1/1/2015 12/31/2017 Member
Jyoti Puri 1/1/2015 12/31/2017 Member
Christine L. Williams 1/1/2016 12/31/2017 Chair
Mounira Maya Charrad 1/1/2016 12/31/2018 Member
Tola Olu Pearce 1/1/2016 12/31/2018 Member
Oluwakemi M. Balogun 1/1/2016 12/31/2018 Member