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ASA Journal Articles Related to COVID-19

As part of ASA's efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, we partnered with our journal editors to identify existing articles in ASA journals that could be of use to those trying to develop responses to, and cope with, the enormous disruptions this pandemic has produced. The articles below are freely available to all users. Click on the category links to see relevant articles.

Disasters and PandemicsMental Health
EducationScience, Knowledge, and Technology
Health and MedicineSocial Networks and Social Groups
Inequality and HealthTeaching Sociology


Disasters and Pandemics

As Disaster Costs Rise, So Does Inequality
Junia Howell and James R. Elliott
Socius (2018)

A Tale of Two Cities: Variations in Perceptions of Disaster Recovery and the Importance of Intersectionality
Ashleigh E. McKinzie
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (2017)

Documenting Disaster After Katrina: Using Online Tools to Rebuild Community
Gary K. Perry
Contexts (2012)

Clash of Risk Cultures or Critique of American Universalism
Ulrich Beck
Contemporary Sociology (2011)

Are we Prepared for the Next Disaster?
Andrew Lakoff
Contexts (2007)


Educational Status Hierarchies, After-School Activities, and Parenting Logics: Lessons from Canada
Janice Aurini, Rod Missaghian, and Roger Pizarro Milian
Sociology of Education (2020)

Is Daily Parental Help with Homework Helpful? Reanalyzing National Data Using a Propensity Score–Based Approach
Angran Li and Daniel Hamlin
Sociology of Education (2019)

Into the Red and Back to the Nest? Student Debt, College Completion, and Returning to the Parental Home among Young Adults
Jason N. Houle and Cody Warner
Sociology of Education (2017)

Inequality in Reading and Math Skills Forms Mainly before Kindergarten: A Replication, and Partial Correction, of “Are Schools the Great Equalizer?”
Paul T. von Hippel, Joseph Workman, and Douglas B. Downey
Sociology of Education (2018)

Fifty Years since the Coleman Report: Rethinking the Relationship between Schools and Inequality
Douglas B. Downey and Dennis J. Condron
Sociology of Education (2016)

Educational Equity Demands Empathy
Prudence L. Carter
Contexts (2015)

Digital Dimension of Cultural Capital: The (In)Visible Advantages for Students Who Exhibit Computer Skills
Maria Paino and Linda A. Renzulli
Sociology of Education (2013)

School Enrollment Changes and Student Achievement Growth: A Case Study in Educational Disruption and Continuity
Jeffrey Grigg
Sociology of Education

Health and Medicine

Opposing Observations and the Political-Economy of Malaria Vulnerability: A Community-Based Study in Bududa, Uganda
Kelly F. Austin
Journal of World-Systems Research (2020)

Urban Hospitals as Anchor Institutions: Frameworks for Medical Sociology
Berkeley Franz, Daniel Skinner, Jonathan Wynn, and Kelly Kelleher
Socius (2019)

Critical-Retrospective Essay: AIDS in Africa
jimi adams
Contemporary Sociology (2015)

“Macho Men” and Preventive Health Care: Implications for Older Men in Different Social Classes
Kristen W. Springer and Dawne M. Mouzon
Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2011)

Condom Semiotics: Meaning and Condom Use in Rural Malawi
Iddo Tavory and Ann Swidler
American Sociological Review (2009)

Epidemiological Sociology and the Social Shaping of Population Health
Bruce G. Link
Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2008)

The Invention of the Risk Factor: Insurance Companies and the Creation of Public Health Programs and Modern Medicine
Ross Koppel
Contemporary Sociology (2005)

Altruism as an Organizational Problem: The Case of Organ Procurement
Kieran Healy
American Sociological Review (2004)

Inequality and Health

The Right Profile? An Examination of Race-based Pharmacological Treatment of Hypertension
Leslie R. Hinkson
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (2015)

Socioeconomic Status and the Increased Prevalence of Autism in California
Marissa D. King and Peter S. Bearman
American Sociological Review (2011)

The Enduring Association between Education and Mortality: The Role of Widening and Narrowing Disparities
Richard Miech, Fred Pampel, Jinyoung Kim, and Richard G. Rogers
American Sociological Review (2011)

Health Care Segregation and Race Disparities in Infectious Disease: The Case of Nursing Homes and Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations
Kate W. Strully
Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2011)

Incarceration as Exposure: The Prison, Infectious Disease, and Other Stress-Related Illnesses
Michael Massoglia
Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2008)

Social Conditions As Fundamental Causes of Disease
Bruce G. Link and Jo Phelan
Journal of Health and Social Behavior (1995)

Mental Health

Perceived Social Support and the Voluntary, Mixed, or Pressured Use of Mental Health Services
Peggy A. Thoits
Society and Mental Health (2011)

Institutions, Politics, and Mental Health Parity
Elaine M. Hernandez and Christopher Uggen
Society and Mental Health (2012)

Is Insecurity Worse for Well-being in Turbulent Times? Mental Health in Context
Jack Lam, Wen Fan, and Phyllis Moen
Society and Mental Health (2014)

Does Social Support Buffer the Stress of Discrimination and Reduce Psychological Distress Among Asian Americans?
Krysia N. Mossakowski and Wei Zhang
Social Psychology Quarterly (2014)

Science, Knowledge, and Technology

Algorithmic Control in Platform Food Delivery Work
Kathleen Griesbach, Adam Reich, Luke Elliott-Negri, and Ruth Milkman
Socius (2019)

A Nation Divided: Science, Religion, and Public Opinion in the United States
Shiri Noy and Timothy L. O’Brien
Socius (2016)

Uncertain Knowledge
Gary Alan Fine and Nicholas Difonzo
Contexts (2011)

The Temporal Structure of Scientific Consensus Formation
Uri Shwed and Peter S. Bearman
American Sociological Review (2010)

Social Networks and Social Groups

Review Essay: If Only It Were That Complex
Jon Atwell
Contemporary Sociology (2020)

Fear of a Yellow Planet: The Gilets Jaunes and the End of the Modern World-System
Peter Wilkin
Journal of World-Systems Research (2020)

Basic Income and the Pitfalls of Randomization
David Calnitsky
Contexts (2019)

Social Space Diffusion: Applications of a Latent Space Model to Diffusion with Uncertain Ties
Jacob C. Fisher
Sociological Methodology (2019)

Small‐City Dualism in the Metro Hinterland: The Racialized “Brooklynization” of New York's Hudson Valley
Leonard Nevarez and Joshua Simons
City & Community (2019)

Republicans Value Agency, Democrats Value Communion
Kimmo Eriksson
Social Psychology Quarterly (2018)

How Contact Experiences Shape Welcoming: Perspectives from U.S.-Born and Immigrant Groups
Linda R. Tropp, Dina G. Okamoto, Helen B. Marrow, and Michael Jones-Correa
Social Psychology Quarterly (2018)

Generalizing the Network Scale-up Method: A New Estimator for the Size of Hidden Populations
Dennis M. Feehan and Matthew J. Salganik
Sociological Methodology (2016)

Counting on Coworkers: Race, Social Support, and Emotional Experiences on the Job
Melissa M. Sloan, Ranae J. Evenson Newhouse, and Ashley B. Thompson
Social Psychology Quarterly (2013)

The Ties That Bind Are Fraying
Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin, and Matthew Brashears
Contexts (2008)

Teaching Sociology

Real Problems, Virtual Solutions: Engaging Students Online
A. Fiona Pearson
Teaching Sociology (2010)

Should We Talk about the Pain? Personalizing Sociology in the Medical Sociology Classroom
Alexandra C. H. Nowakowski and J. E. Sumerau
Teaching Sociology (2015)

Incorporating Online and In-person Book Clubs into Sociology Courses
Amanda Wyant and Sarah Bowen
Teaching Sociology (2018)

Analyzing the Social Construction of Media Claims: Enhancing Media Literacy in Social Problems Classes
Todd K. Platts
Teaching Sociology (2019)