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Section Awards

The religion section makes three annual awards for outstanding scholarly contributions, the book award, the article award, and the student paper award. Only members of the section are eligible to be considered for these awards, but enrollment in the section may occur concurrently with the nomination. Only books and articles published and student papers presented in past two years are eligible for nomination, and self nomination is acceptable. Authors of papers nominated for the student paper award must be students at the time of nomination, and no paper may be nominated simultaneously for the article and student paper awards. Past winners of the Student Paper Award are not eligible to be nominated for the Student Paper Award a second time. Nominated books, articles, and papers should be sent by mail to each of the committee members by the deadline indicated. Address inquiries to the chair of the respective committee.

For consideration of awards, please send an electronic submission of the book or paper to each of the members of the appropriate committee by the submission deadline. You either can be nominated or you can nominate your own work. For the book award, feel free to include a one-page letter of nomination addressing why the book is worthy for consideration of the book award. Details on eligibility and nomination for each award (Book Award, Article Award, and Student Paper Award), as well as the names and publications of recent recipients, may be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Call for Nominations

Award Recipients