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This page lists announcements, upcoming conferences, and calls for papers relevant to Race, Class and Gender. Please send other conference announcements and calls for papers to the webmaster for posting.

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Upcoming Conferences

ESS RGC Session

Deniz Yucel is organizing a session on "Exploring the Intersection of Race, Gender, and/or Class" for the Eastern Sociological Society Meetings in New York, February 23-26, 2012. The issue of intersectionality has been explored within social stratification literature, while studying social outcomes, such as mental health, education (with a specific focus on academic achievement) as well as within the literature of sexualities and family. This session is searching for a wide array of papers that emphasize on the importance of how gender, race, and/or class interact in explaining any sociological outcome. You can submit your paper at Paper submissions are due by October 30, 2011. Papers (please include abstracts of 250 words or less; longer drafts are also welcome via email to the program committee) are welcomed and encouraged. For more information contact Deniz Yucel, Department of Sociology William Paterson University of New Jersey, 300 Pompton Road, 465 Raubinger Hall Wayne, NJ 07470.

Race, Gender & Class 2012 Conference New Orleans, March 1-3, 2012

Theme: "Do Progressives have an Alternative for America?"

Do Progressives have an alternative for America? How can Progressives create a different social agenda? What can Progressives do to bring about actual change? Perhaps the most important contribution Progressives can make to American social and political life atthis time is to introduce and popularize a new vision of what America can be, as well as to present examples of specific programs that show how this vision might work. The RGC Conference organizers believe there is a need for something like a "Tea Party for Progressives" and we would like to hear your view. Our three-day conference will include plenary sessions, concurrent panels, and social events. Please visit for more information. To submit a paper or a panel proposal (only electronically) and/or to volunteer to serve as an RGC conference organizer, please contact Dr. Jean Ait Belkhir ( Abstracts (250-300 words) should be sent by December 1st 2011 to Jean Belkhir at Presentations at the 2012 RGC Conference would be selected for publication in the Race, Gender & Class journal.

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Calls for Papers
Special Issue of Race, Gender & Class
"Election processes, politics, and governance in the Obama Era"

The 2008 Presidential election attracted a wide range of presidential hopefuls representing an interesting mix of race, gender, and class characteristics. This Call for Papers for a 2012 Special Edition seeks to highlight the rapid pace at which we have seen the terms, expressions, perceptions, and behaviors of politics and governance redefined during the Obama Era and the changing dynamics of the struggle for power and resulting from decisions affecting the dynamics of race, gender, and class. This current Call for Papers recognizes that during the past several years since the election of President Obama, we have witnessed a significant increase in the nature and number of controversies permeating every aspect of race, gender, and class in government and politics. Tensions have risen in federal and intergovernmental relations, political elections, public opinion, media, political parties, and interest groups. Support for a wide range of ideas and approaches to executive, legislative, judicial and the bureaucratic governance responsibilities and activities at the local, state, and national levels have emerged. In some way or another, the Obama presidency whether intentional or not has ushered in a fierce struggle for power that has been at the center of the battle to redefine the future of America.

We invite articles that discuss how the new realities affect ethnical relations, gender and social groups within the country. Articles can be theoretical or empirical, and may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives, but they should bewell-supported by argument and/or data. Work focusing on international implications is relevant as well as comparative studies with states being the unit of analysis. Abstracts (500 words) should be sent by December 15, 2011 to the address below. Presentations at the March 2012 Race, Gender, and Class Conference are strongly encouraged. Selected authors will be notified by April 15, 2012 and the deadline for submission of the final paper (8000 words) will be June 15, 2012. For further information or submission of abstracts, please contact by e-mail: George Amedee ( or or Jean Belkhir (, Southern University at New Orleans, Department of Social Sciences.