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Section on Methodology

Section on Methodology


The ASA Section on Methodology aims to encourage the development of methodology and its application in Sociology. The term methodology shall be interpreted in its broadest sense to include the development of investigative techniques appropriate to any branch of sociology, of statistical and experimental procedures, and of mathematics, data processing, and such other interests as may be useful in sociological research.

Current Officers

Chair: Tim Futing Liao, University of Illinois Chair-Elect: Guillermina Jasso, New York University
Past Chair: Ross M. ("Rafe") Stolzenberg, University of Chicago
Secretary/Treasurer: John Allen Logan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Section Council Member: Katherine Faust, University of California-Irvine
Section Council Member: Ross L. Matsueda, University of Washington
Section Council Member: Diane H. Felmlee, University of California-Davis
Section Council Member: Jeremy Freese, Northwestern University
Section Council Member: Charles Ragin, University of Arizona
Section Council Member: Stephen Morgan, Cornell University
Newsletter Editor: Jeffrey M. Timberlake, University of Cincinnati


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