American Sociological Association

Section on Methodology



The purpose of the Section on Methodology is to foster the development of this aspect of sociology through the organized interchange of ideas and research results. It shall encourage the development of methodology and its applications in sociology both through organized meetings and conferences, publication, and such other means as are deemed appropriate by the Council of the Section. The term methodology shall be interpreted in its broadest sense to include the development of investigative techniques appropriate to any branch of sociology, of statistical and experimental procedures, and of mathematics, data processing, and such other interests as may be useful in sociological research.

OFFICERS OF THE SECTION: The officers of the Section shall be a Chairperson, a Chairperson-elect, and a Secretary-treasurer. Beginning with the Chairperson elected for 1977-78 (i.e. to be elected as Chairperson-elect in the spring of 1976), the Chairperson shall serve for a period of two years. Beginning with the Chairperson-elect to be elected in the spring of 1977, the Chairperson-elect shall also serve in that office for a period of two years prior to becoming Chairperson. The Secretary-treasurer shall be elected for a period of three years. There shall be a Council consisting of six members, each serving for three years, with two Council seats being vacated each year. Officers shall not succeed themselves. The Chairperson, the Chairperson-elect and the Secretary-treasurer shall serve as members of the Council, with the Chairperson serving as Chairperson of the Council.

POWERS OF THE OFFICER: The council is vested in principle with the power to carry out all the necessary operations for the Section, acting as the representative of the membership of the Section. Any action of the Section, including proposed changes of the by-laws, may be brought to the vote of the Section by the Council, by a petition of 10 percent of the members of the Section, or by 25 members of the Section, whichever is less. Changes in the by-laws are valid when approved by a majority of the Section members voting in a mail ballot. Questions that are interpreted by the Council to be matters of major program development or policy shall be brought before the membership for approval.

   In the event of the death, resignation, incapacity or inactivity of the Chairperson, Chairperson-elect, or Secretary-treasurer, the Council, acting on the initiative of any member thereof, may designate an interim officer to perform the function of that office for a period of at most one year. Such action shall require the approval of two=thirds of the Council members. The interim officer so designated may be any member of the Section, including a a member already holding another office or membership on the Council. In case of death or resignation, or in case of the continued incapacity or inactivity of an officer for a period longer than the one year permitted for an interim officer, the Council shall call for the election of a replacement at the time of the regular annual election, and the elected replacement shall fill the remainder of the term of office.

ELECTIONS AND VOTING: The elections of the Section shall be carried out by mail in cooperation with the American Sociological Association and coordinated to their schedule. A simple majority of the members voting on candidates for the Chairperson-elect or for Secretary-treasurer shall determine the outcome. In the election of Council members (normally four candidates for two positions) the two candidates having the largest number of votes shall be the elected Council members. Referenda submitted to the membership should, when feasible, be accompanied by brief statements for and against the proposal. A simple majority of the membership voting on amendments to the by-laws or referenda submitted to the membership shall determine the outcome. Votes at the Section Business Meeting held at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association shall be advisory to the Council only.

COMMITTEES There shall be a Committee on Nominations, appointed each year by the Chairperson, with the advice of the Council, at least two months prior to the convening of the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association. The Committee on Nominations shall be constituted of at least five members. Two candidates will be presented for each office by the Committee on Nominations.

     There shall be a Committee on Publications, appointed by the Council of the Section, membership to be for three years, with the term of one member expiring each year. The purpose of this Committee shall be to report to the Council on matters of publication that may foster the discipline.

     There shall be a Committee on Methodology Sessions of the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association appointed by the Council of the Section, membership to be for three years, with the term of one member expiring each year. The purpose of this Committee shall be to develop sessions on methodology at each annual meeting in cooperation with the Program Committee of the Association.

     Other committees shall be appointed by the Chairman with the approval of the Council or by the Council on an ad hoc basis.

MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Section shall be drawn from members of the American Sociological Association, without regard to the classification of their membership, who have expressed or demonstrated a major commitment to research methodology and measurement in sociology. Members who do not pay their Section dues shall be suspended and dropped from the rolls after two years.

DUES: No increase in the dues beyond the requirements beyond the requirements of the American Sociological Association shall be made without the approval of the members as determined by mail ballot.