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Section on Latino/a Sociology

2014 Annual Meeting


Schedule of Events


Joint Reception: Section on Latino/a Sociology & Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Sunday (August 17th) at 7:30pm


Business Meeting:

Tuesday (August 19th) at 1:30pm- 2:10pm


Regular Sessions

Monday (August 18th

Session Organizer: Zulema Valdez

Ethnic, Racial, and Other Social Group Formations among Latinos/as in the United States (2:30-4:10pm)

Racialization of Latinas/os  (4:30-6:10pm)


Paper Sessions:

Tuesday (August 19th

Session Organizer: Shannon Marie Gleeson

Mixed Legal Studies and Transnational Families (8:30-10:30am)


Session Organizer: Norma E. Fuentes

    The Latino/a Middle Class (2:30-4:10pm)


Roundtable Sessions:

Tuesday (August 19th) 12:30-1:30pm

Session Organizers: Chalane E. Lechuga & Lisa M. Martinez

Table 1: Youth and Parents

Table 2: Immigrant Incorporation

Table 3: Religion

Table 4: Latina/os in Latin America

Table 5: Politics/Policy/Law

Table 6: Labor Markets and Work

Table 7: Identities

Table 8: Gendered Lives

Table 9: Latina/os and Education


Invited Session

Tuesday (August 19th)

Session Organizer: Zulema Valdez

Food, Land, Health, and Social Justice (10:30-12:10pm)


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