American Sociological Association

Section on Global and Transnational Sociology

Graduate Student Mentoring Lunch at ASA 2013

An Invitation to Graduate Students

Are you interested in discussing your research, meeting like-minded peers, and discussing the latest academic developments with senior scholars?

The Global & Transnational and Comparative & Historical sections of the ASA are jointly sponsoring a grad mentoring and networking lunch at the August meetings, Monday the 12th. Venue TBA.

The meeting will feature brief commentaries by senior scholars on the intellectual lay of the land, followed by conversation in small groups surrounding topics of mutual research interest. Lunch to be served!

The gathering is open to all interested. To participate, please send your name, affiliation, email and a one or two paragraph description of your research interest(s), whether ongoing or prospective, to:

Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to August in NYC!