American Sociological Association

Section on Global and Transnational Sociology

Call for Papers - Global and Transnational Sociology at ASA 2012 (Denver)

Submissions for ASA 2012 in Denver are open. Global and Transnational Sociology will have four panels—two themed and two open, which will be:

  • Gender, Globalization, and Transnationalism. Session Organizer: Leslie Salzinger, University of California-Berkeley
  • Global Governance (co-sponsored with Section on Sociology of Law). Session Organizer: Evan Schofer, University of California-Irvine
  • Open Topic on Global and Transnational Sociology (2 sessions). The section invites submissions for two paper sessions. We invite research that defines or explores global and transnational processes and their consequences. This includes work that empirically, conceptually, or theoretically examines (a) global or transnational groups, movements, networks, or governance, or (b) global or transnational processes, mechanisms, and variables that are important in the study of global, national, regional, local, comparative, or historical issues and places. Session Organizers: Julia Adams, Yale University and Sarah Babb, Boston College

Additionally there are two regular sessions that may be of interest:

  • Transnational Processes. Session Organizer: Zsuzsa Gille, University of Illinois
  • Globalization. Session Organizer: Stephanie Limoncelli, Loyola Marymount University

We will also be hosting the usual one-hour roundtables. One of these roundtables will be themed:

Teaching Global and Transnational Sociology to Undergraduates (one-hour roundtable). Except at the most elite institutions, American students tend to enter college with limited knowledge not only of any language other than English, but also of geography and world history. Instructors of Global and Transnational Sociology may find themselves struggling to make the course seem relevant to the lived experiences of their students. To look into alternative solutions to this problem, the Program Committee will be organizing a special roundtable on “Teaching Global and Transnational Sociology to Undergraduates.” We are looking for 4 participants who feel that they have found effective ways of teaching in this area. The syllabi and accompanying commentary of roundtable participants will be posted on the G&TS website to serve as a resource for section members.

If you are interested in being a part of this roundtable, please submit a syllabus and a 1-3 paragraph description of what you feel makes your course work to Nitsan Chorev by January 15, 2012. The ASA submission system doesn’t allow you to submit to a themed roundtable, so we will be pre-selecting submissions.