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International Disability / Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

International Disability / Interdisciplinary Studies Programs


Lancaster University
Institute of health Research
M.A./Diploma/Certificate in Health Research by Online Learning with concentration in Disability Studies

Manchester Metro University
Health, Psychology and Social Care (continuing Ed)
Certificates, diplomas and masters in psychology, care and DS

Northumbria University
Health, Community and Education Studies

Multiple BA programs with concentration in DS

Sheffield Hallam University
Education, Development and Society
Certificates, Diplomas and BA in education and DS

University of Aberdeen
BA in curative education

University of Birmingham

Postgraduate Certificate in Education & Special Needs, Concentration in Inclusive Education

University of Bristol
Centre for Deaf Studies

Bsc, Msc, MPhil & PhD Deaf Studies

University of Bristol
Norah Fry Research Centre

MSc / Dip / Grad certificate Inclusive Theory and Practice (Learning Disability)

University of Leeds
School of Sociology & Social Policy (Fac.: Education)

Multiple MA and Dip in DS studies with various concentrations (e.g. gender, race, health & illness)

University of Manchester

BA in Learning DS

University of Reading
Theatre, Education & Deaf Studies
BA in Theatre, Education and Deaf Studies

University of Cork, Ireland
Centre for DS/ Psychology

Msc in DS research and taught

University College Dublin, Ireland
School of Psychology
The Centre for Disability Studies

Msc in rehabilitations and psychology

University College Dublin, Ireland
School of Social Justice

Multiple equality studies postgraduate degrees, taught and research

NUI, Galway, Ireland
Centre for Disability, Law and Policy

PhD in Disability Law & Policy

Trinity College, Dublin
The National Institute for Intellectual Disability (NIID)

Masters and PhD degrees

Trinity College Dublin
Msc in Disability Studies and Postgrad Diploma in DS

St. Angela's College, Sligo, Ireland
Nursing, Health Sciences and DS

St. Angela's College, Sligo, Ireland
Centre for Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity

Queens University, Northern Ireland
Bsc Honors Diploma in Nursing Sciences, Learning Disability Branch


Deakin University
Health and Social Department

BA with Disability major

Flinders University
Disability Studies School

BA, Disability, Community and Rehabilitation

Griffith University
School of Human Services

Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies

University of New England
Bachelor of Special Education and (Primary)/Bachelor of Disability Studies

University of Sydney
Centre for Disability Studies

Multiple programs

Please note: A comprehensive list of  Australian universities that offer disability studies programs or disability interdisciplinary work can be found here:

Massey University
Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

University of Aukland
Faculty of Education

Multiple options

University of Waikato
Disability and Inclusion Studies