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Disability Studies: Book Series

Disability Studies: Book Series

Research in Social Science and Disability

Editors: Drs. Barbara Altman and Sharon Barnartt. Research in Social Science and Disability is devoted to the scholarly, social scientific analysis of significant issues in disability.

The multidisciplinary approach of the series permits contributors to explore the social origins of disability in society, and provides a basis for examining cross-cultural differences in approaches to disability, as well as the economic, social and psychological consequences for individuals, families and social institutions and organisations. The series includes research framed by a variety of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies.

Lynn Rienner Publishers: Disability in Society

Editor: Dr. Ronald J. Burger
More than eighteen percent of the US population lives with some kind of physical, sensory, or cognitive impairment-and the construction of impairments as "disability" is a social phenomenon affecting not just those individuals, but also their families, friends, employers, colleagues, and communities. Drawing on a variety of perspectives, Disability in Society seeks to illuminate the social forces shaping the diverse experiences of disability. We invite proposals for manuscripts that will investigate a range of subjects, including but not limited to: *disability as a dimension of social stratification *the intersection of disability, race/ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation *the construction and management of disability identity *the interactional, emotional, and bodily experience of disability *media representations of disability *the institutional, organizational, and policy contexts of disability *the disability rights movement To discuss a possible project or submit a book proposal, please contact the series editor: Professor Ronald J. Berger University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Department of Sociology Whitewater, WI 53190 Phone: (262) 472-1133

Ashgate Interdisciplinary Series in Disability Studies

Series Editor: Mark Sherry. We launched the first book of the series, entitled Disability, Human Rights and the Limits of Humanitarianism and have many more books coming up including Disability and Social MovementsDisability and Discourse Analysis, and others. You can find more about Ashgate at

If you have a book, or a book proposal, that engages in an interdisciplinary dialogue between disability studies and other disciplines, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to submit a book proposal, please send an email to Claire at