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This page provides examples of ASA reports on jobs and careers, including topics such as academic careers, careers with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, the job market for sociologists, mentoring and networks, and work and family. For a complete listing, see the Research Briefs page. For basic data in charts and graphs, see the Trends in Sociology section.

Academic Careers

Trends in Faculy Salaries

Faculty Salaries in Sociology and Other Disciplines, 2016 Update (Research Report)

The Faculty Pipeline in Sociology and Other STEM Disciplines (2015)

Mothers in Pursuit of Ideal Academic Careers (2012)

Bachelor's Degrees

Jobs, Careers and Sociological Skills: The Early Employment Experiences of 2012 Sociology Majors (2015)

More from the Bachelor's and Beyond 2012 project

Mixed Success: Four Years of Experiences of 2005 Sociology Graduates (2010)

More from the Bachelor's and Beyond 2005 project

Jobs in Sociology

Positions Advertised in the ASA Job Bank, 2019

Positions Advertised in the ASA Job Bank, 2018

Positions Advertised in the ASA Job Bank, 2016 and 2017

Trends in Academic Hiring Through 2015

Positions Advertised in the ASA Bank, 2014

Faculty Position Opportunities in Sociology Appear to Hold Steady: Position Postings from the 2013 ASA Job Bank

On the Road to Recovery: Findings from the ASA 2012–2013 Job Bank Survey

On the Upswing: Findings from the ASA 2011-2012 Job Bank Survey

Mentoring and Networks

The Impact of Cross-Race Mentoring for “Ideal” and “Alternative” PhD Careers in Sociology (2011)

Strong Ties, Weak Ties, or No Ties: What Helped Sociology Majors Find Career-Level Jobs? (2013)

Social Capital for Sociology Majors: Applied Activities and Peer Networks (2013)

Networks and the Diffusion of Cutting-Edge Teaching and Learning Knowledge in Sociology (2011)

Teaching Alone? Sociology Faculty and the Availability of Social Networks (2010)

Work and Family

Mothers in Pursuit of Ideal Academic Careers (2012)

PhDs at Mid-Career: Satisfaction with Work and Family (2008)

Resources or Rewards? The Distribution of Work-Family Policies (2006)

The Best Time to Have a Baby: Institutional Resources and Family Strategies Among Early Career Sociologists (2004)

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