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Annual Meeting Travel Fund

Important dates

  • Application available:    March 15
  • Deadline to submit:        April 1
  • Awards announced:        May 15

About the Annual Meeting Travel Fund (AMTF)

The Annual Meeting Travel Fund (AMTF) is designed to help offset some of the costs associated with the Annual Meeting for sociologists who would otherwise find it difficult to attend. Over time the fund will make it possible for more sociologists to benefit from the professional development that the Annual Meeting provides, including those in contingent positions or who are working in under-resourced institutions, those who incur additional costs when traveling due to a disability, and international scholars who face prohibitive costs for attending the meeting.  AMTF awards are $500 plus a waiver of registration fees. For the first round of funding in 2019, Council has authorized making up to 20 AMTF awards to U.S.-based sociologists.  Another five awards are available through a companion fund designed to support international attendees. 

Eligibility requirements

  • ASA membership.  This requirement applies to applicants who reside in the United States. The membership requirement is waived for international applicants, who are defined as sociologists who (1) were born outside of the United States and (2) currently live and work (if employed) outside of the United States. 
  • Listed in the Annual Meeting program.  To receive an AMTF award, applicants must be listed in the Annual Meeting program.  
  • Not a student. Applicants cannot be current students in an undergraduate or graduate sociology program at the time of application.  Students are encouraged to apply for a Student Forum Travel Award.

Review process and selection criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the AMTF Selection Committee, which is appointed by Council.  Level of participation in the Annual Meeting, income, and other financial need will be considered in making awards.

Still have questions?  Please contact the ASA Executive Office at (202) 383-9005 or via email at





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