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SAN Matching Process

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Through SAN, the American Sociological Association will facilitate partnerships between not-for-profit organizations that need technical expertise and sociologists who want to help. The process will involve the following steps:

  • Potential volunteers and organizations complete our on-line registration forms.
  • The ASA Staff Liaison will receive, process, and review requests for and offers from volunteers.
  • The ASA Staff Liaison, in collaboration with the Advisory Board, will work with eligible, reputable requesting organizations to discuss the scope of work. 
  • Where a match looks possible, ASA Staff Liaison will arrange for a telephone interview with the prospective volunteer to determine actual suitability for the project.
  • The SAN Advisory Board and ASA Staff Liaison will seek strong endorsement of three references regarding the volunteer's qualifications, experience, integrity, and judgment.
  • Upon receiving these recommendations, the ASA Staff Liaison will give the sociologist’s CV or resume and contact information to the organization. 
  • The final decision regarding whether a placement will take place rests with the hosting organization and the sociologist. 
  • ASA will provide a generic independent contractor agreement that partners can use if they believe it will be helpful.
  • Volunteers and organizations are encouraged to carefully review the SAN policies and expectations

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