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Sociology of Sex and Gender

The purpose of the Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender is to encourage research and curriculum development on the organized patterns of gendered social relations and sexuality. The Section examines face-to-face interaction, political processes, culture and mass media, the medical, judicial, and educational systems.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Sara L. Crawley, University of South Florida 2020
Chair-Elect: Kimberly Kay Hoang, University of Chicago 2020
Past Chair: Abigail C. Saguy, University of California-Los Angeles 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University 2020
Section Nominations Committee Chair: Abigail C. Saguy, University of California-Los Angeles 2020
Student Representative: Praveena Lakshmanan, Michigan State University 2020
Student Representative: Alithia Zamantakis, Georgia State University 2021
Section Webmaster: Morgan Carey Matthews, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2025

Section Council

Erin A. Cech, University of Michigan 2020
Caitlyn Collins, Washington University in St. Louis 2020
Myron T. Strong, Community College of Baltimore County 2020
Katie Linette Acosta, Georgia State University 2021
Georgiann Davis, University of Nevada-Las Vegas 2021
Jennifer Carlson, University of Arizona 2021
Dawn M. Dow, University of Maryland, College Park 2022
Susila Gurusami, University of Toronto 2022
Emily S. Mann, University of South Carolina 2022

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