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Sociology of Law

The ASA Sociology of Law Section provides a forum for intellectual and personal exchange among sociologists interested in the study of law, legal institutions, and law-related structures and processes. The Section sponsors two sessions and a series of roundtables at the ASA annual meetings, and offers various awards, including a best student paper award every year. It further provides an e-mail list for any announcements of interest to sociologists of law and offers a mentor program for junior faculty.

Section Leadership


Chair: Shauhin Ahmadi Talesh, University of California-Irvine , term ends 2021
Chair-Elect: Elizabeth H. Gorman, University of Virginia , term ends 2021
Past Chair: Ronit Dinovitzer, University of Toronto , term ends 2021
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Steven A. Boutcher, Law and Society Association , term ends 2021
Student Representative: Gabriela Kirk, Northwestern University , term ends 2021

Section Council

Section Council Member Armando Lara-Millan, University of California-Berkeley , term ends 2021
Section Council Member Mary R. Rose, University of Texas-Austin , term ends 2021
Section Council Member Tianna S. Paschel, University of California - Berkeley , term ends 2021
Section Council Member Jennifer Carlson, University of Arizona , term ends 2022
Section Council Member Jill Weinberg, Tufts University , term ends 2022
Section Council Member Monica C. Bell, Yale University , term ends 2022

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