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Sociology of Emotions

The ASA Section on Sociology of Emotions brings together social and behavioral scientists in order to promote the general development of the study of emotions through the exchange of ideas, theory, research, and teaching. Scholars from a variety of backgrounds are members of this section, and collectively encourage the study of emotions in everyday social life. Substantive topics of investigation include: the expression and experience of emotions, emotions in social interaction, identity and emotions, emotions in historical perspective, the cross-cultural study of emotions, emotions and violence, and the traditions of theory and research in the area of emotions.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Alison J. Bianchi, University of Iowa 2020
Chair-Elect: Amy Kroska, University of Oklahoma 2020
Past Chair: Lisa Slattery Walker, University of North Carolina - Charlotte 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Rebecca Fisk, Kent State University 2020
Student Representative: Kayla Danielle Russell Pierce, University of Notre Dame 2020

Section Council

Marci D. Cottingham, University of Amsterdam 2020
Clare L. Stacey, Kent State University 2020
Kimberly Brooke Rogers, Dartmouth College 2022

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