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Sociology of Development

The Sociology of Development Section of ASA promotes work in sociology on the causes and effects of development. We support work in all geographical regions including the United States, other advanced industrial nations and the Global South. We are open to work of all theoretical orientations and all methodological orientations. Both theoretical and applied work is welcome.

Annual Report (2020)
Award Recipients 

Section Council 

Chair: Matthew R. Sanderson, Kansas State University
Chair-Elect: Fauzia Erfan Ahmed, Miami University, Ohio
Past Chair: Jennifer Keahey, Arizona State University-West
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer YJ Hsu, University of New South Wales
Lantian Li, Northwestern University (Student Representative)
Margaret Frye, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Joseph A. Harris, Boston University
Jordanna Chris Matlon, American University
Shiri Noy, Denison University
Victoria Reyes, University of California-Riverside
Firuzeh Shokooh Shokooh-Valle, Franklin & Marshall College
Section Webmaster: Michaela Kathleen Curran, University of Iowa

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